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Revival of Imperial Doublestar

Topics: Fearless Blue: Revival of Imperial Doublestar


Monday, November 11, 2019 - 07:14 pm Click here to edit this post
Fearless Blue Daily Telegraph, Aug 05, 4431

International News

Doublestar Republic army takes full control in The Empire of Palamba
Thu Aug 3, 4431 Battalion 'DS Heavy Land' attacks 'Lundar Iron' iron mining corporation
After the attack, the president of The Empire of Palamba is reported to have left the country and a new government approved by Doublestar Republic has been nominated.

....transmission incoming... President Duble'tar, leader of the Dubletarian peoples, Father of the ancients, Ruler of Great Vosana speaks....

"Hail! Hail! Hail! Today, we have witnessed what we see in the night skies, in the terror of the stars. All stars fall, and what travail they bring with them. With a shout, with a roar, they crush all in their demise and are no more. All stars die, and what destruction is wrought in their failings. With a roar, they move the very fabric of existence... people cry... Yet, in the aftermath of their tyranny, in the smoke of their turmoil, their remnant is pulled together. Cheers Their ashes weigh more than galaxies, whose arms sweep the cosmos. And as their pieces stumble, fall, crash together, they create a giant far greater in death than they were in life.

Our fathers are dead. Today we rise. With the first sweep of our arms we have stumbled into victory, and gathered the elements. We shall move forward, to bring to bear the very world into whom we have crashed, and our end shall be greater than our beginning."


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Ugh, this forum sucks...


Lord Mndz

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Dr evil


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ha ha ha ha you can post gifs in here, I did it, but they cant be big ones!


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I tried, but it told me something about security something, and I almost flipped my desk Lolol

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