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*NEW* Join The "Ailon Nova Guard"

Topics: White Giant: *NEW* Join The "Ailon Nova Guard"


Monday, October 1, 2012 - 07:55 pm Click here to edit this post
Hello fellow sentients of the glorious planet of White Giant i am returning member Visari formally known as Xion Star Or Xsente Star am i am here to announce the formation of the "Ailon Nova Guard"

Ideology: The ANG is a neutral, independent federation that we hope will span several continents. It is founded to be the light in the darkness, the beacon of hope to those wanting to leave the corruption of the rest of the world behind them. For ANG was created to be an ideal society to be enjoyed by all, one where it advances forward to bring a better tomorrow to its people.

Mission: Our mission is to become a great long lasting and very successful federation within the White Giant community we hope to change the way most people look as feds as "Overrated Or "Useless". We wish to make a Brotherhood/Sisterhood within our federation making our members fill welcome and comfortable.

Expecting From Members :
*Active Members(We want active members because of obvious reason if your planning on becoming idle for awhile notify us for Emergency reasons)

*Mature Members(No one wants to deal with immaturity in a sense we don�t want to be involved in something insignificant)

*Ambitious Attitude ( We like to see members that strive for new goals and is eager to complete that goal)

What You May Expect From Us:

*Protection(Protections is our number one priority we will do everything in our power to make our members safe and secure)

*Organization(Organization is a important factor when hoping to build a successful federation that�s why our federation will be )

*Positive Environment(Our federation will be worked through a fun a positive environment)

Forum: We will be creating a forum soon for our members so communication can be more fluent and flexible.

Economics: We also have a common market "Ailon Market".

If you�re interested contact me @"Helghan Nation"

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Our Basic Game Huide:

Lint To My Nation:

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