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Privatisation of my corporations - CEO's welcome to take over

Topics: White Giant: Privatisation of my corporations - CEO's welcome to take over

Matthew Purcell

Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 07:58 pm Click here to edit this post
Dear CEO's,

I have been selling shares from the majority of my corporations for a while now, and I have a low percentage (but majority control in most) in the following:

Current Share - 5%:
- Concord Electric Power
- Mortons Electric Power (Not majority share, but majority share is around 6% by another enterprise)
- Porino Electric Power
- Purcell Train Tracks PLC
- Purcell Traintrack Maintenance

Current Share - 10% (decreasing to 5%):
- Kingdom of Purcell Copper PLC

Any investment would be welcome. All the listed corporations have currently got full contracts to my country. My country has welfare of 125 (still gradually increasing). All listed corps have 119% production with 100% hiring rates.

As you can see, they are attractive to take over, as there would be no need to relocate with such high welfare, thus high profitability.

Many thanks for your interest.

Matthew Purcell
King of The Kingdom of Purcell

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