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New( experienced ) 0% tax country wants ceos

Topics: White Giant: New( experienced ) 0% tax country wants ceos


Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 04:56 am Click here to edit this post
0% Tax
Welfare 103 will increase to 120
Requested salary 300 and above

I'll be adding 200,000 people every game month that I can. 400,000 after 20,000,000 people. I'll constantly be adding population and going to war for population until I reach 120 million. This is a welcome and opportunity for new and experienced CEOs. Industrial, High-Tech, and mining corporations only. I will put this country up for bid once I reach my goal to a new president. I will always have room for more ceo corps so all are welcome, and I will always try to supply extra engineers for high tech corps, so if I do not have enough workers for 100% production don't worry I'll be sure to meet your needs asap.

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