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Democratic Republic of Demesta Development Conclave for CEO ' s

Topics: White Giant: Democratic Republic of Demesta Development Conclave for CEO ' s


Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 04:45 pm Click here to edit this post
Demesta welcomes CEO 's to build corporation in the country.


Base tax - 20%
Welfare - 108

Total corporation slots on 1st phase - 12

Additional benefits - After setting up of 3 corporation by any company. The company will get benefit by having a tax cut of
8-10% on the base tax 20%


Industrial corporation development conclave ( ICDC )

1. Electric components
2. Chemicals
3. Aircraft fuel
4. plastics
5. Oil
6. Pottasium
7. Coal
8. Steel
9. Zinc
10. Constructions

High tech development conclave ( HTDC )

1. Navy Vessel maintainance
2. Airforce Maintainance
3. Computers
4. Softwares
5. Mobile services
6. Electronic components
Also other high tech corporation deemed fit by CEO 's

Companies interested can lodge enterprise request, so that the country can prepare for the workforce needed by the company.

The CEO can lodge complain which will be catered to as fist priority of the country.

Looking forward.

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