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Inherited loans. (Golden Rainbow)

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germinator (Golden Rainbow)

Saturday, November 15, 2008 - 08:40 pm Click here to edit this post
Germinator.{Golden rainbow}.
I am a new player,about 1 weeks worth,and i find this a very interesting game,one which i intend to continue with,and am keen to learn.
Now to my questions.
On checking my corporations page,i have two corporation which have outstanding loans.
Since i registered in [game time},may 2597,and these two corps.were created in june & march.2587,i can only assume these loans have been left by a previous president of this country.{is this normal).
I have a 20.00b$ debt, but 20.92b$.cash in corp no.1.In corp .no.2.i have two 20.00b$.debts.but only 18.49b$.cash in this corp.
Both loans are due in [2606,game time}.interest at 30%.
I can pay off corp. no.1 loan which will leave me with 0.92.b$.(or should i wait until loan is due.?}.
Concerning i have a cash shortfall if i attempt to repay the loan.{will it be taken from my country,s assets.i have 7.71t$ in cash at time of writing?.
Also in my corporation page i am informed that my corporation salaries have been reduced,because corp. debt is so high,and it is not making a profit,or salaries are less than half average corp salaries.
Should i close this corp.?
should i nationlize.?
I would be very grateful for any help anyone can give me.
Sorry this post is so long-winded.
I would also be very interested in any suggestions on joining a federation,i am more interested in the economic aspect of the game,than the military.

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