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GR CEO stats (Fearless Blue)

Topics: Golden Rainbow: GR CEO stats (Fearless Blue)

Daconia (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - 08:41 pm Click here to edit this post
For T in memorum:

GR CEO Market Value

John R1,388,550,703,192,200
Aprogas 681,144,332,809,723
Yankee 474,354,082,381,954
Lex Carter445,855,079,255,872
Aqua Rainbow II438,296,053,599,524
Daconia 420,612,895,146,714
Robert 376,212,457,852,110
Michel van Es361,037,436,334,106
Nute Gunray332,518,279,530,907

GR CEO Production Value

John R7,126,924,250,000
Yankee 4,914,858,920,000
Aprogas 4,572,719,650,000
Lex Carter4,336,902,470,000
Aqua Rainbow II4,331,685,410,000
Robert 3,306,156,600,000
quaxocal 3,090,884,830,000
Nute Gunray2,967,310,630,000
Daconia 2,913,431,660,000

GR CEO Assets

John R2,366,222,818,407,330
Aprogas 717,607,749,157,151
Yankee 552,013,276,694,066
Michel van Es487,226,057,360,944
Lex Carter457,233,936,611,867
Daconia 454,945,704,529,403
Aqua Rainbow II447,273,837,862,868
Robert 397,282,271,460,250
RoboCop 387,648,879,310,698

GR CEO number of Corps

John R1,542
Yankee 1,201
Aprogas 915
Lex Carter779
Aqua Rainbow II761
richard 662
Robert 628
Nute Gunray605
quaxocal 594

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