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Security Council Resolution against I like shoes

Topics: Golden Rainbow: Security Council Resolution against I like shoes


Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 02:17 am Click here to edit this post
No nuclear weapons for I like shoes.
If the resolution is accepted, the country will be under permanent investigation of the INC.
The Resolution was a proposal by prince with the following motivation:
think this countey should not have nuclear weapons in its possesion from my chats with him those weapons in future will be a problem to the world.. thanks vote lets keep GR safe..
The Security Counil accepted the proposal.
3 council members voted for the proposal and 1 council member voted against it.

General Voting is possible until 5 Feb 3951

Our country will not stand for any type of sanctions. The chats he refers to originate from the Fearless Blue world and involved his ally, the DPRK. Those communications were posted to the FB forum when they occurred. If this resolution is passed, we will be forced to retaliate against the originating parties with actions of our own.

We have given complete transparency and will continue to give complete transparency. We will not have sanctions forced upon our country however.

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