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Downsizing, Empire for Sale (Little Upsilon)

Topics: Trade: Downsizing, Empire for Sale (Little Upsilon)

Keith Allaire (Little Upsilon)

Friday, April 10, 2009 - 03:55 am Click here to edit this post
As many of you are no doubt aware, recent changes to Simcountry designed to nerf success in the game have directly and negatively affected how much enjoyment I derive from this game. Simcountry has now reduced itself to tedium and cashmarket transactions to dump cash. To be honest I only log in once every three or four days now, whereas before I logged in three to four times a day, often checking each of my slaves twice a day or more.

I am therefore downsizing my footprint in Simcountry to match my reduced enjoyment and activity. I have put six of my seven countries on the market; my last country will become my new main.

Buyers may wish to check education priorities because I haven't been terribly active lately.

Due to various information I have received, I have placed my slaves in WP while this process is completed. However ALL of my countries up for sale have at least defense, and EWT Beaches and More Evil Thoughts also have offensive (albeit naval) capabilities. I set initial price points at approximately 40% of nominal value, calculated from 6 April. However I am willing to entertain other reasonable offers.

My main has a nuclear stockpile and functional nuclear program.

NO swaps...I am seeking to REDUCE my involvement in simcountry, not keep it even.

Even More Evil Thoughts 0 CEO tax on LU 370 gc
More Evil Thoughts 0 CEO tax on LU 290 gc
Evil Woody Thought MaoMart FTZ on LU 210 gc
Evil Woody Thought Pillage 0 CEO tax on LU 300 gc
Evil Woody Thoughts Beaches 0 CEO tax on LU 330 gc
Evil Woody Thoughts 0 CEO tax on LU 530 gc

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