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Workers Available / CEO Resort (Little Upsilon)

Topics: Trade: Workers Available / CEO Resort (Little Upsilon)

NX Yamato (Little Upsilon)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 - 03:57 am Click here to edit this post
NX Prime is developing a new role-set.
This is 2 fold.

1) As always, CEO's are welcome here at the standard 0% never changing tax rate

2) Worker exchanges are going to be made available long term.

A strong education is pumping out skilled workers across the board each month. These are available to all players with the following rules/limits/exceptions

First come, first served.
Because multiple people may be trying to get same workers, numbers may falter
(nb. This is NOT clearing out workers from large population purchases, this intends to be LONG TERM - also please account for monthly renews around the 5th of each month if earlier bids are unsuccessful or previous transfers were not of adequate volume a new chance will develop each month)

In return for giving any workers to you (said party) I will require that you pay in the following types of workers ONLY:
Low Level Worker
Medium Level Worker
High Level Worker

Due to salary variances this will mean you will have to trade more people to me than you will receive.
This is considered my fee as the more people i have
(i) the more i can convert to useful workers
(ii) i have to pay their social security during that time so its not like I'm getting a hyper bonus

Transfer numbers are unlimited (but not to take my worker level of each type lower than 1000 left on my side) with the exception of (i) Executives and (ii) High Tech Executives, which will be limited to 300 of each per transaction. (nb. this rule is under trial as I am unsure about the volume of people that SimCountry will permit for transfer per month)

No Transfer is to small.

YOU will request the transfers and any decision from NX PRIME is final.

If there is a legitimate reason for any refusal (and it will very most likely always be a minor one) you will be messaged (this will likely be a renegotiation or a hint on getting the best available as soon as possible)

You are entirely entitled to request in advance a type of worker trained in the upcoming game months and where feasible this will be actioned.

Every player whom asks for a trade will be treat with individuality, respect and concern. We are both getting something out of this and NX PRIME will what it can to please you. So get your country upto speed as fast as possible.

Any queries feel free to contact NX PRIME.

Thank You For Your Time.

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