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SupNext biography

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Elijah Rothschild

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 09:41 pm Click here to edit this post
*About SupNext investments:

SupNext is an enterprise founded in 3506, April the 5th on Kebir Blue world. We currently occupy the top 40 in KB. With a total of tens of countries where our corporations are located from soviet nations to democratic states, to slave countries reaching empires.

*SupNext Services:

One of our objectives is a New World Order in the global investments. We do have an interest in bringing up countries we're located in as far as we go.
That's simply because we care in these countries and hand-by-hand we will ensure that these countries will gain profits on long terms.

*SupNext Qualifications:

SupNext has been funding, investing and developing countries across Kebir Blue. We organize investments in specific, requested countries or empires, and we deliver the most fitting corporations to those countries or empires in no-time. SupNext is based on one guideline: We Invest, We Create A Better Country, We Develop Kebir Blue world. And of course, all of that is done with extreme synchronization with the meant countries presidents in order to come up with an agreement.

*Contact SupNext holders:

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--OFFERS (Each offer has a targeted countries):

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