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Space Trade, annual price feed back

Topics: Trade: Space Trade, annual price feed back


Monday, March 2, 2015 - 06:45 am Click here to edit this post
Hello, this will be a long post

and, well maybe not annual, but some communication is necessary. In the past when i requested price feed back, it has opened the door to space trade. I'd like to do that again, and look at a few products i've been successful at selling, and a few more

before getting into prices, their are several ways to calculate price. considering for most products, i'm selling at 450Q, calculating the initial cost of 330Q, then adding upgrades, considering military upkeep, is cheaper than just figuring out 450Q, but i'm saving time, and cutting the GC cost to a fraction, i figure this is the best, feed back, and math on this is welcome.

First, i'd like to review Cervus. Currently, i have 10 docks, that meet my needs in supplying 4 weapons, and their ammo, 8 products. 10 docks means 100 total sales offers, and over all, it works out about right.

i intend to review 4 weapons and ammo, 8 products i sell on Cervus, additionally, i'd like to discuss 2 weapons and ammo, 4 products, on Columba, and 5 weapons, 3 ammo, on Canri, with a mention of 2 more ammo products. a total of 22 products.

Stealth Bombers, Base price 1.33B SC$ per bomber
25 SB per sale = 33.25B x 3.3 (330Q) 109.725 / 32B per GC, 3.42GC my current price is 3GC, for over 330Q. This is a FB only product

Laser Guided Bombs, base price 24.00M SC$ per bomb
1250 LGB per sale = 30B x 3.3Q = 99B /32B = 3.09GC, my current price is 2.99GC, this is a FB only product

Both of those products have been my bread and butter for the last few months.

Precision Bombers, base price 164.00M SC$ per bomber
250 Bombers per sale = 41B x 4.5Q = 184.5B / 32B = 5.76GC my current price is 1.3, just updated from 1.2 for 450Q

Precision Bombs, base price 5.10M SC$ per bomb
2500 Bombs per sale = 12.75B x 4.5 = 57.37B / 32B = 1.79GC, my current price is 1.0GC for 450Q

Fighter Planes, 167.00M SC$ per aircraft
250 per sale = 41.75B x 4.5Q = 187.87B / 32B = 5.87GC, my current price is 1.3GC updated from 1.2GC for 450

Fighter Missiles, 4.80M SC$ per missile
2500 per sale = 12B x 4.5Q = 54B / 32B = 1.68GC, my current price is 1GC, for 442Q, i do how ever indend to sell at 450Q, i just got the waters muddied.

Attack Helicopters, (these sell, better than bombers, to my surprise,) base price 156.00M SC$ per helicopter
250 per sale = 39B x 4.5Q = 175.5B / 32B = 5.48GC, current price, 1.2GC for 450Q

Attack Helicopter Missiles, base price 5.75M SC$ per missile
2500 per sale = 14.37B x 4.5Q = 64.68B / 32B = 2.02GC current price 1GC for 450Q

I have no intentions of selling drones, NFP or NH, i'll leave drones to some one else, and for the naval airforce, theirs a flaw in buying HQ navy from space, unless all the parts are available. The flaw is, when a unit, wing or navy is put together, all the pieces average. if you expect you NFP to operate at 450Q because you bought them with GC, but manually bought your defensive end at 330Q, you'll end up with a navy in the 370-400 range, at best. so i wont sell them, until i can sell all the parts.

so, for my exisiting and potential customers, would you buy more, less, or about the same, if i raised weapons prices, and lowered ammo prices?

any other thoughts?

a thought i'd like to pass on, a very famous, skilled, powerful player, that is probably in the top 5 best current players one of the few i'd run from once said, something to the effect of, swiping your card, get drunk, and have fun all week end. I'd like to make that possible, while still making the 4$/month a viable game. I feel finding the right prices that players are willing to buy at, is good for both


Monday, March 2, 2015 - 07:15 am Click here to edit this post
so moving on

Columba, The Defensive aviation market

i'm interested in selling 450Q interceptors and helicopters, and ammo

i have no docks here, but i'm thinking i want about 5.

Interceptors. base price 120.00M SC$ per interceptor
250 per sale (thats 2 wings,) = 30B x 4.5Q = 135B / 32B = 4.21 B proposed price 1.4GC (0.7GC per wing)

Interceptor Missiles, base price 1.99M SC$ per missile
5000 per sale = 9.95B x 4.5Q = 44.77B / 32B = 1.39GC proposed price, 0.5GC (thats 1GC per wing)

the proposed prices would mean about 1.7GC per I wing, at 450Q

Defensive Helicopters, base price 89.60M SC$ per helicopter
250 per sale = 22.25B x 4.5Q = 100.12B / 32B = 3.12GC proposed price, 1.1GC

Defensive Helicopter Missiles, base price 1.97M SC$ per missile
5000 per sale = 9.85B x 4.5Q = 44.32B / 32B = 1.38GC, proposed price, 0.45GC

Thats 1.45GC per H wing

any one willing to invest in Columba to buy?


Monday, March 2, 2015 - 07:58 am Click here to edit this post

The Defensive Industry Market

I have no docks here, but i'd like to encourage enough business for 7-10, based on the number of products i'm interested in selling. mostly garrison stuff, except LTA and LAS would reduce the over all Garison quality. but that stuff isn't worth buying at HQ.

Anti-Aircraft Missile Batteries, base price 26.80M SC$ per battery
2500 per sale = 65.2B x 4.5Q = 293.4B / 32B 9.1GC, these are usually min price, so 2GC would be the proposed price.

Anti-Aircraft Missiles, base price 2.12M SC$ per missile
5000 missiles per sale = 10.6B x 4.5 = 47.7B / 32B = 1.49GC proposed price 0.7 GC

Defensive missile batteries, base price 24.50M SC$ per battery
2500 per sale = 61.25B x 4.5Q = 275.62B / 32B = 8.6GC proposed price will be 2GC

Defensive Missiles 2.29M SC$ per missile
5000 per sale = 11.45B x 4.5 = 51.52B / 32B = 1.6GC proposed price 0.8GC

Missile interceptor batteries, base price 24.60M SC$ per battery
2500 per sale = 61.5B x 4.5 = 276.67B / 32B = 8.64GC proposed price 2.2GC

Missile Interceptors, base price 2.18M SC$ per missile
5000 per sale = 10.9B x 4.5 = 49.05B / 32B = 1.53GC proposed price 0.8GC (this one deserves a premium)

Light Artillery, base price 20.70M SC$ per cannon
1000 per sale = 20.7B x 4.5 = 93.15B / 32B = 2.91B but always low price, means 1.0GC price

Light tanks, base price 26.70M SC$ per tank
800 per sale = 21.36B x 4.5Q = 96.12B / 32B 3.0GC proposed price 1.0GC

LAS, and LTA just wont be worth selling at 4.5Q, so i want to figure these at 3.3

Light Artillery Shells, base price 18,900 SC$ per shell
500000 per sale = 9.45B x 3.3Q = 31.185B / 32B = 0.974GC, proposed price 0.5GC

Light Tank Ammo, base price 18,900 SC$ per grenade
500000 per sale = 9.45B x 3.3Q = 31.18B / 32B = 0.97GC proposed price 0.5GC


Monday, March 2, 2015 - 11:34 pm Click here to edit this post
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LB Musty

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 12:32 am Click here to edit this post
lay off the coffee


Saturday, March 14, 2015 - 06:12 am Click here to edit this post

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