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WTB Defensive weapons & ammo with GC or SC

Topics: Trade: WTB Defensive weapons & ammo with GC or SC


Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 05:10 am Click here to edit this post
Hello, I'm currently flooded with money that I'm not putting to good use. Willing to spend up to 100T on defensive military assets( must be 330q or higher ) I also will buy weapons & ammo on space trade with gc if I can get a slight discount.

Message "Zen Enterprises" and "The Homarian Empire" on FB. "Zen Incorporated" and "The Zenovian Empire" on KB. "Neuschwanstein" and "CYBR Industries" on WG.

I'm also willing to buy offensive air units and ammo. Fighters & ammo. Bombers & ammo. High demand for defensive helicopters and ammo. I'll pay gc for them if needed, but not much. If you're not on these worlds message me directly. Although it may take time for me to respond.

I'll also sell Laser Guided bombs for a discount, and stealth bombers for a discount. I'm also selling strat bombs at 304q for a discount, but I only sell strat bombs to those who I trust. It'll take me a few weeks to get a group of 25 bombs ready, but if you message me in advance I'll save them for first come first serve. I always offer slightly below the avg space price.

Although I play a peaceful player, it seems I'll get dragged in the war game eventually. So I want to start buying now.

Your friendly emperor, Zen.

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