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1.5 GC per 1 millon population!

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Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 02:31 am Click here to edit this post
For Sale on Kebir Blue
( Posting off selling thread because this is not an official country built for sale )

This is my very first country on Kebir Blue and was my main slave. After going inactive for a month the country has fallen into an employment issue that I simply don't have interest or time to fix. It's worth the investment if you plan to fix it. I had this country hit #1 finance rank on KB before and it can get in the top 5 if you build it back up. It also has a few weapons inactive like tanks, artillery, fighters, bombers, and missile batteries but not much. I plan to remove all of the enterprise corporations from the country in time. So you'll have more room to build.

135,626,654 population
32 State Corporations
119 CCPC( Country Controlled Public Corporations )
135.85 edu
129.12 health
91.95 ssi
66.59 employment( over 23 million unemployed )
145 Transportation
113.87 Finance( still makes some profit even with high unemployment )
107.18 Welfare

I'll post this country up tomorrow around 5PM EST hopefully.( 20 hours from post )
DEAL only 200 Coins! for 135.6 Million Population. That's 1 Million Population per 1.5 GC! You could just use this country as a population strip. Transferring a million at a time to your main or other country, or build it up and make it amazing again as the corporations are all very profitable and the infrastructure is already there. Just need to import workers. Happy bidding. Or not. Idc just buy it so I don't need to deal with it thanks.

Al Sadius

Monday, March 28, 2016 - 08:44 pm Click here to edit this post
I know I've asked this in chat before, but tbh I don't remember the answer perfectly, so I want to confirm how it works before I bid. I'd like to expand onto other worlds to jack up my GL/WL for the GC awards. However, when I go to place a bid, it warns me that I won't get GC for increasing GL for a month after purchasing. I'm willing to buy the country(it should be a fun project putting it back together), but I want to make sure it won't screw me out of GC awards.

Also, if I buy it, it'll start at WL0 for me, right? And I can get WL GC normally?

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