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Zen - Country Order Requests

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Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 05:57 am Click here to edit this post
Instead of me randomly building and selling countries. You can place an order for me to build one to sell for you. I can build one up to 295 million population. Just give me the AI country name on what world you would like me to build the country on.( The country can not have any enterprise controlled public corporations. )My price will be based off of corporation setup and size of the country.( also time invested to build the country )

Your choices for corporation set up. Pretty simple.
-100% State Controlled Corporations.
-100% Country Controlled Public Corporations @24.98% shares

If you want state controlled corporations( non CCPC )I'll ask for a 50% price increase since I'm not gaining any monetary assets from shares.

Population prices
100gc = 25 million population
125gc = 50 million population
150gc = 75 million population
200gc = 100 million population
250gc = 125 million population
300gc = 150 million population
350gc = 175 million population
400gc = 200 million population
450gc = 225 million population
500gc = 250 million population
550gc = 275 million population
600gc = 295 million population

The above are standard prices for countries with CCPC. 50% increase for state owned corporations. Example, a 125 million population country costs 250gc. If you want only state corps it will be 325gc. This is because it costs a lot to build and upgrade a large number of corporations.

If you let me make all of the corporations CCPC I can gain my monetary assets back, and your corporations will upgrade to 250 q/e. To those players who know me. I know the best corporation combinations to make top notch finance ratings. So you do not have anything to worry about when it comes to country finance.

All countries will have around 130 education 120 healthcare 90-95 employment 130 transportation

Fearless Blue is a 10% price increase.

Now this isn't going to start right now. It's just an idea. I know it's not very easy for many players to gain gc. So my prices( in my opinion )are pretty good. The larger countries( 200 million + )will cost more because they'll take longer for me to make. Make a request. I can do one request per world at a time. If two players request a country on the same world at the same time one will have to wait.

If another player tries to outbid your country you can contact me and I can loan you gc to bid more.

If you cancel a country order please tell me asap.

Now this is an idea. Not something I will do, something I might do. If real life things come up it will take longer for me to build the countries and may become too much of a hassle.

Casual Industries

Monday, May 2, 2016 - 12:35 am Click here to edit this post
I don't need a country, but those are good prices. People would be wise to utilize this!

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