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Offering Plutonium Contracts (Fearless Blue)

Topics: Trade: Offering Plutonium Contracts (Fearless Blue)

Zrapid Pace (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, August 3, 2008 - 05:29 am Click here to edit this post
I'm offering plutonium contracts to those who need them. You must have a established factory currently using plutonium. As far as price you should know the answer to that one.

I have 6 plutonium corporations producing a total of 48 units a month. All 6 of the corporations buy raw materials locally on contract plus each corporation has 100 units of
plutonium on hand shortages should not be a issue. Below are the stats of one corporation...

Production Last Month 8
Production Level Last Month 100.90 %
Employment Level Last Month 100.00 %
Production Process Quality 200
Quality of the Product 279.5
Production Process Effectivity 200
Welfare Index 100.9

Contracts will be corporation to corporation only. I will not be contracting directly to any enterprises or countries. I will contract no less than 4 units to one factory. All
contracts are a minimum of 1 year and no more than 5 years. I would like to explain the contract lengths. As you know plutonium corps can drain your finances. So I'm going to try
something new and with in one game year Ill know if the idea works. If it don't I will take a 4 game year lose. I'm doing the lose so the contract deal is worth it to the buyer.
And if in 5 game years none of the corporations are making a profit, I will sell the remaining stock and close them. Now if it works you would be the first to know. If you
would like some plutonium on contract, send me your country name, the factory name, how much and for how long to Zrapid Pace in Ameraq

Disclaimer I'm not trying to lower the price of plutonium just trying to make the corporations profitable...

I'm not sure why any one wouldn't want plutonium with out the expense of producing it.

For those wondering, right now I do not wish to join your common market.

Zrapid Pace

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