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Countries for sale (Little Upsilon)

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Zeba (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 09:20 pm Click here to edit this post
I sold my GR countries and I have 3 decent countries on LU with a fair amount of Military Assets. The 2 war slave have garrisons installed so they actually have more military assets then what I listed. I sold my GR countries and CEO last night via Paypal for RL cash, which was very easy, and then finished the transaction in game...selling my countries for the minimum 50 GCs and offset that by adding 15-18T in SC cash to each.

56 mil pop in Descent of Dante (211T Military Assets)
51 mil pop in Cerberus Pound (81T Military Assets)
53 Mil pop in Hell Freezing over (94T military Assets).

My Main has a small amount of nukes:

Nuclear Missiles 299
Tactical Nuclear Weapons 239
Strategic Bombs 37
Nuclear Submarine Missiles 18
Chemical Missiles 53

My CEO is certainly nothing to brag about, but I do have a small cache of weapons and 114 corps :( LOL

Defensive weapons:

Anti Aircraft Missile Batteries 13,040
Armored Vehicles 14,338
Defensive Missile Batteries 18,614
Destroyers 785
Helicopters 5,603
Interceptors 14,655
Jeeps 51,248
Light Artillery 16,255
Light Tanks 18,507
Missile Interceptor Batteries 48,094
Nuclear Defense Batteries 321

Offensive Weapons:

Anti Tank Missile Batteries 2,190
Attack Destroyers 879
Attack Drones 28,664
Fighter Planes 4,575
Heavy Armored Vehicles 1,826
Heavy Artillery 15,165
Heavy Jeeps 10,941
Heavy Tanks 26,570
Mid Range Missile Batteries 2,295
Military Transport Airplanes 755
Navy Fighter Planes 4,089
Precision Bombers 6,454
Special Forces Units 146

Strategic Weapons

Chemical Missile Batteries 8
Nuclear Missile Batteries 57
Nuclear Submarines 53
Strategic Bombers 55
Tactical Weapons Launchers 164

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