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LU Statistics 11 August (Little Upsilon)

Topics: Little Upsilon: LU Statistics 11 August (Little Upsilon)

Skandar (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 06:02 pm Click here to edit this post
Ranking carried out giving equal weight to production & army.

Top 20 Federations, Game Date: November 2830

PopulationArmyProduction% in armyPPCValue
1Insane Asylum PM812,580,66041,530,5717,610,896,474,1465.11%9,3661,010.03
2War Ensemble624,759,15223,246,0016,681,756,828,4693.72%10,695709.91
3Independent Defense Coalition696,830,39413,989,2717,085,856,318,4722.01%10,169779.34
4IDC Hercula Major870,230,4328,838,9549,428,620,196,5211.02%10,8351,380.57
5Tempus Fugit Volare448,736,55118,707,2503,610,436,346,7194.17%8,046718.12
6The New Federation592,739,17212,183,0495,251,844,603,6662.06%8,860613.20
7IDC Interlude440,233,26713,039,2744,549,631,225,7292.96%10,335663.23
8Insane Asylum CD555,324,87116,323,8263,229,279,504,3462.94%5,8151,303.36
9The Continuum II366,082,98313,501,3733,363,642,725,9053.69%9,188399.16
10Tempus Fugit Diem532,199,6519,372,6203,606,136,619,5241.76%6,776540.14
11Jefferson State Lions Club342,449,1647,395,2153,949,547,341,6012.16%11,533637.67
12LDI Financial Group463,258,3026,430,1344,240,494,952,9841.39%9,154621.17
13The Continuum260,738,1679,235,1132,893,878,024,7683.54%11,099418.72
14The FED422,933,06115,129,0411,812,369,212,3073.58%4,285460.14
15IDC AB716,163,7113,629,7554,575,554,330,7030.51%6,389668.12
16Space Fox LU382,255,3105,897,4863,198,506,043,0601.54%8,367608.11
17The Continuum IV405,786,7256,022,4982,900,211,919,5831.48%7,147396.33
19Zero hour504,140,5282,979,8336,207,773,741,8740.59%12,3141,211.04

Top Federation Complexes, Game Date: November 2830
Ranked by population only.

Federation complexPopulationArmyProduction% in armyPPCValue
IDC complex2,468,464,32857,532,53119,538,321,453,8842.33%7,9152596.95
Insane Asylum complex1,398,834,43069,959,10310,658,293,592,7975.00%7,6192289.43
The Continuum complex1,214,547,39820,776,3689,345,005,826,8651.71%7,6941421.76
Valde Subsidium complex1,002,567,85918,856,4869,464,255,141,6361.88%9,4401640.41

Top Presidents, Game Date: November 2830
Dropping out of the top 20 is President John Henry Eden, who remains a respectable 33rd and Scarlet, who remains nowhere to be seen! Has he dropped out of the game, or is he now going by a new name?

MovePopulationArmyProduction% in armyPPCValue
1Keto =700,638,29834,797,1186,726,434,329,1934.97%9,600854.55
2Blueserpent +3587,925,46026,190,3446,540,791,709,8784.45%11,125665.21
3James I =721,857,29315,414,6977,069,175,070,7792.14%9,793755.11
4Serpent =706,083,08725,372,2065,071,347,216,0223.59%7,1821,406.49
5Caesar Ken +2548,737,57915,413,5905,597,018,019,4652.81%10,200813.34
6Josias =476,084,08216,693,9494,984,183,233,0343.51%10,469856.42
7Crafty +1592,739,17212,183,0495,251,844,603,6662.06%8,860613.20
8Ramasas +4368,574,57410,432,8524,217,469,353,4492.83%11,443953.30
9Steven Ryan+1353,653,8417,289,2224,079,918,188,1672.06%11,5361,008.64
10Laguna -1250,814,05912,008,8782,091,709,470,5674.79%8,340476.66
11Kitsune +3541,310,8874,762,8424,206,894,793,0350.88%7,772621.21
12Ummagumma +1429,249,7696,173,8773,384,578,619,0961.44%7,885456.58
13CorporatePartner +2663,635,1882,413,9947,912,698,192,4490.36%11,923741.46
14WildEyes +3504,140,5282,979,8336,207,773,741,8740.59%12,3141,211.04
15NiAi +5448,637,7654,917,7233,658,395,798,3211.10%8,154548.04
16Simon DabneyNEW415,649,1806,074,4952,982,503,006,5561.46%7,176422.92
17Lord Lee +1648,078,4893,301,3003,615,843,606,8860.51%5,579607.21
18AK47 -1185,118,0477,158,6181,639,002,321,1073.87%8,854185.54
19Jiang Hu Warrior NEW654,084,4552,015,9097,173,665,823,0950.31%10,9671,162.48
20Maestro2000 -1462,253,1942,413,2754,892,905,348,2240.52%10,585690.92

Skandar (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 06:04 pm Click here to edit this post
Fed complexes are only ranked by population this time - the formula I use to calculate ranks for branches & players works fine when there are lots of data to rank, but is too simplistic when dealing with only 4 entities. I'll have to come up with some sort of tweak.

Skandar (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 06:22 pm Click here to edit this post
OK, I've recalculated complexes ranking them by how much their army & production contributes as a percentage score, i.e.:

Score (%)=(army/A)+(prod/P)

where A = total army of all 4 complexes
P = total production of all 4 complexes

This doesn't change the order, but shows the distribution of military & economic power better:

Federation complexArmy as share of totalProduction as share of totalCombined score
IDC complex34.42%39.87%74.29%
Insane Asylum complex41.86%21.75%63.61%
The Continuum complex12.43%19.07%31.50%
Valde Subsidium complex11.28%19.31%30.60%

Valde Subsidium are much closer to The Continuum suggesting that they get more out of their population. Although their population is ~20% lower, VS out produce TC and their army is only marginally smaller.

Likewise, Insane Asylum close the gap on IDC due to their larger army with comparable PPC.

Open Sesame

Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 08:19 pm Click here to edit this post
Thanks very much.

Green Paws (Little Upsilon)

Friday, August 12, 2011 - 12:46 am Click here to edit this post
Very intersting, thank you.

Green Paws (Little Upsilon)

Friday, August 12, 2011 - 12:51 am Click here to edit this post
I only joined again on 16th July, one more month, and I'd hope to appear on the lists.

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