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LU Stats for Feb 2864 (Little Upsilon)

Topics: Little Upsilon: LU Stats for Feb 2864 (Little Upsilon)

ZentrinoRisen (Little Upsilon)

Monday, October 17, 2011 - 07:09 am Click here to edit this post
Country Population
Country NamePresident NamevCountryPopulation
Green Paws EmpireDavid Walker250,000,000
AA1Lord Lee 201,750,539
SofttailPJ MAX186,704,526
Horde of NationsZentrinoRisen 130,067,772
Nevrondona RisenZentrinoRisen 110,581,292
JunglelandBruce Springsteen105,972,157
Strange VisitorCorporatePartner 104,301,037
Operation BlackoutCorporatePartner 104,063,852
LextilCorporatePartner 103,105,252
Fire FoxKitsuné 103,019,600
PekardiRamasas 102,210,530
Desert WindAfghan Stan 100,898,122
MelichorSuperSoldierRCP 100,067,052
AthretvariGothamloki 95,598,700
CarnageBlueserpent 94,657,731
CG 3000Slade 93,920,504
Alien NationSmiley 93,149,358
Yehudaseven 93,083,220
GigiRomeo Vicardi93,024,772
Tribute to Ecothetheth01 90,284,365

Empire Population
President NameTotal Population
Ramasas 764,601,729
Kitsuné 747,604,466
ZentrinoRisen 735,956,692
Maestro2000 676,411,135
Ummagumma 662,768,207
Keto 649,529,615
WildEyes 640,280,828
Blueserpent 605,391,916
Kolenski 598,406,110
Orbiter 577,028,414
NiAi 516,713,450
Maximus52 464,617,835
Steven Ryan412,607,644
autey 389,773,134
David Walker374,910,496
Crafty 370,682,971
CorporatePartner 364,981,823
Laguna 358,158,839
Gothamloki 356,814,371
SuperSoldierRCP 356,467,394

Country Production
Country NamePresident NameTotal Production Value
Green Paws EmpireDavid Walker3,324,372,831,600
AA1Lord Lee 2,751,573,615,004
SofttailPJ MAX2,412,079,747,077
JunglelandBruce Springsteen1,571,397,678,894
Horde of NationsZentrinoRisen 1,481,625,455,560
MelichorSuperSoldierRCP 1,411,814,380,780
Yehudaseven 1,302,799,700,174
GigiRomeo Vicardi1,183,865,695,891
CG 3000Slade 1,125,860,954,328
AthretvariGothamloki 1,077,850,388,538
PekardiRamasas 1,058,214,971,688
AmeraqBad Dukes1,051,499,170,640
FoxsylvaniaKitsuné 1,033,874,798,578
TarshishAfghan Stan 1,024,625,839,599
Fire FoxKitsuné 1,019,511,381,345
Alien NationSmiley 1,010,651,166,488
Swift FoxKitsuné 945,717,186,953
The Crown Kingdom of QuintonKing Quinton944,829,062,349
WiLdChiLDWildEyes 943,960,077,522
GrecoromanKeto 935,553,777,288

Empire Employed Army
Steven Ryan17,044,640
Zentrino Risen13,640,929
Manchu Foo8,940,329
Afghan Stan4,558,735
King Quinton4,164,249

Tomorrow, I will see about PPE and some others unless someone wants to throw them up before then. I must be getting tired because it is not sorting right for me. :)
Not sure I will include fed stats since they seem a little meaningless.

David Walker (Little Upsilon)

Monday, October 17, 2011 - 10:32 am Click here to edit this post
Lovely to see the stats. Even better to see oneself at the top of some of them.

The population of GPE is actually 254.6m but I've hit another display limit. I'm sure the GMs will rectify shortly, like when I hit the 200m display limit.

ZentrinoRisen (Little Upsilon)

Monday, October 17, 2011 - 03:12 pm Click here to edit this post
I thought that may have been the issue since it is exactly 250M.

Maestro2000 (Golden Rainbow)

Monday, October 17, 2011 - 04:00 pm Click here to edit this post
This Supertanker chart looks like fun. Perhaps I need to get in the race.

ZentrinoRisen (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 04:22 am Click here to edit this post
Here are some stats on production. The first is Production per Population. This includes the total population (PPP).

Country NamePresident NamePopulationTotal EmployedTotal Production ValuePPP
AmeraqBad Dukes68,074,62433,021,2701,051,499,170,64015,446
JunglelandBruce Springsteen105,972,15752,817,8761,571,397,678,89414,828
Krondarian EmpireXaldin 58,309,04128,356,681837,399,919,42814,361
MelichorSuperSoldierRCP 100,067,05248,446,8551,411,814,380,78014,108
The New World OrderBDague 14,343,4046,816,587200,792,980,85813,998
Yehudaseven 93,083,22045,883,4831,302,799,700,17413,996
Trinh DynastyTrinh Dynasty 65,954,48832,235,044916,330,604,53913,893
The Empire of King CobraZhangliao 54,655,43126,779,267759,340,161,19013,893
Chrispy Centralchrispylid 29,400,29613,979,607405,303,310,67013,785
CheshireSir Fred 47,254,02622,391,350648,120,312,05313,715
AA1Lord Lee 201,750,53994,040,2642,751,573,615,00413,638
Commonwealth of KahvehSkandar 46,005,04922,445,282626,195,306,10513,611
Money8Maestro2000 52,750,25825,356,073715,251,908,40913,559
RomeLay Low 51,803,76725,423,125700,724,836,02013,526
The Grand Duchy of VoltadZurkiba 22,012,80610,556,962297,191,360,13813,500
Manchu DynastyManchu Foo59,593,42727,578,991793,927,710,69713,322
Green Paws EmpireDavid Walker250,000,000124,049,2523,324,372,831,60013,297
GPE CD MS 1David Walker68,022,03433,217,269899,700,209,34513,226
Venturi KingdomPrincess Jerryn 27,509,82613,026,731362,990,354,31013,194
Lance of NyxLaguna 53,842,67326,637,070708,009,267,53413,149

This chart takes into account only the employed workers in a country. If you have low employment, this may help. If you have a lot of young people, this will help. This is PPE.
Country NamePresident NamePopulationTotal EmployedTotal Production ValuePPPPPE
Generic Country 2Ace2 21,849,85835,4772,019,042,4299256,911
The Independent State of Sacomaallmymates 9,091,5231,379,37256,281,708,8766,19040,802
The Democratic Union of MonoraTyler Fournes9,142,7851,607,47957,791,443,6586,32035,951
AmeraqBad Dukes68,074,62433,021,2701,051,499,170,64015,44631,843
The Empire of Ronandawson914 10,169,8484,159,366130,274,992,96312,80931,320
EireWoad 12,202,7242,449,48275,974,965,6196,22631,016
The Republic of MilletaArnaud Patient 10,511,2154,283,683128,470,147,69512,22229,990
SofttailPJ MAX186,704,52680,912,0212,412,079,747,07712,91929,811
PerlamoPatchday 14,927,1946,284,935187,195,951,13612,54029,784
JunglelandBruce Springsteen105,972,15752,817,8761,571,397,678,89414,82829,751
GenesisFreitaz 28,797,45912,169,899361,214,571,68112,54329,680
Krondarian EmpireXaldin 58,309,04128,356,681837,399,919,42814,36129,530
The New World OrderBDague 14,343,4046,816,587200,792,980,85813,99829,456
AA1Lord Lee 201,750,53994,040,2642,751,573,615,00413,63829,259
SharkDolphininteplus 33,669,65515,052,373439,050,161,85813,03929,168
MelichorSuperSoldierRCP 100,067,05248,446,8551,411,814,380,78014,10829,141
Chrispy Centralchrispylid 29,400,29613,979,607405,303,310,67013,78528,992
CheshireSir Fred 47,254,02622,391,350648,120,312,05313,71528,945
Manchu DynastyManchu Foo59,593,42727,578,991793,927,710,69713,32228,787
TarshishAfghan Stan 78,263,04435,828,9521,024,625,839,59913,09228,597

If I feel like it, tomorrow I will look at empires as a whole.

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