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Products for Sale (Little Upsilon)

Topics: Little Upsilon: Products for Sale (Little Upsilon)

James the fair (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 03:21 pm Click here to edit this post
I've got some products available for whoever needs them, here is what i've got for those who don't want wait around for months on end for the products to come from the world market. Also it's a cheaper alternative to buy directly from the seller too.

10 million tons of Aircraft Fuel 240Q

30 million units of Books and Newspapers 193Q

40 million tons of Gasoline 239Q

10 million units of Home equipment 308Q

2 million units of Internet 306Q

10 million units of Military supplies 167Q

5 million units of Services 293Q

10 million units of Telephone 294Q

Please send a message to 'the five boroughs' if you're interested.

CorporatePartner (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 07:46 pm Click here to edit this post
Send questions/orders/payments to country Lextil

The following are available are available on Direct Sale, and also require a set up/reservation fee in Gold Coins before being offered. Quality varies, and may be available at different level upon request; generally, strategic weapons are high quality, supplies are low quality, and some are variable:

Precision Bombers {Quality variable}
[1 Gold Coin / 100 planes]
(Bombs available fee-free to buyers)

Land Based Cruise Missiles/Batteries (Quality low}
or Cruise Missiles Ship Based {Quality low}
[1 Gold Coin / 100 missiles/batteries]

Selenium {Quality low}
[1 Gold Coin / 1000 tons]

Chemical Missiles/Batteries {Quality high}
[1 Gold Coin / 5 missiles/batteries]

Tactical Nuclear Weapons/Launchers {Quality high}
[1 Gold Coin / 4 missiles/launchers]

Nuclear Submarine Missiles {Quality high}
[1 Gold Coin / 3 missiles]

Nuclear Missiles/Batteries {Quality high}
[1 Gold Coin / 2 missiles/batteries]

Strategic Bombs/Bombers {Quality high}
[1 Gold Coin / 1 missiles/bomber]

Other items available upon request, including:

Cargo Shuttles {Quality variable}
Spacecraft Maintenance Units {Quality high}
Varied space supplies {Quality variable}

Send questions/orders/payments to country Lextil

Thank you.

reference: Little Upsilon: Dec 11 2864

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