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Small Nation Needs The BEST CEOs

Topics: Little Upsilon: Small Nation Needs The BEST CEOs


Monday, April 23, 2012 - 11:10 pm Click here to edit this post
Looking for enterprises to set up in The Democratic Union of Tara Una on LU

Current Tax:24%

Current Target Tax:20%

Will lower tax to 0% if your enterprise is profitable and you start up or move multiple corporations to DUTU!

Tax rate is negotiable. If you produce results that allows the country to grow and defend itself, then I'll drop taxes to 0%.

In the short term, if your corporations contribute ~$5.0B more in income, I will drop taxes to 0% indefinitely. I currently receive 5.0B. I am requesting for more than double the current CEO corporations with less than twice the revenue.

For every corporation you build, I will close a state one, to the max of about 6, probably more.

Come to DUTU today and the state workforce will work for you!

One Condition: Pay HIGH salaries or set the target HIGH! It increases government revenue and corporation profit via higher productivity.

If DUTU does not have the revenue to defend herself, then where will you go when someone invades and raises taxes!?

Stats & Index

Pop: 9.0M
CEO Corps: 5
Public Corps: 1
Corp Vacancy: 10+
[State Corps Facing Closure: ALL Non-Public]
Finance Index: 146.36
Education: 100.68
University: 154
[Edu Priorities: High Tech]
Health: 76.28
[A Special Clinic]
Employment: 93.89
SS: 51.42
[A Back To Work School]
Transportation: 98.44
Business: 98.70

Government Priorities:
1) Extreme Education Investment & Employment Streamlining.
2) Defence

Send Requests or Message Me for Negotiations!

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