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Room for a new corporation.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 12:33 am Click here to edit this post
Hey CEO types out there.

The United Kingdom of Misoto is looking for one CEO corporation to set up shop. We are a single nation state, in war protection, and plan on staying that way. Our population is well educated, most indexes are around 150 (education and roads, health is a bit lower). The great mass of state corps have salaries set at 300%, I think the government workers are at 280%. Employment has historically been very close to 97%, but I think I need to let that drop a bit to provide a little cushion in the job market.

Taxes are not non-existent, they are a hefty 30%, but that is what pays for the infrastructure. The Corporate welfare index is at a nice 121.10 percent and has been at that number for a very long time.

As an additional incentive, I am looking to find a well managed CEO family of companies to invest in. My nation's retirement fund has over 2 trillion in cash that I am tired of investing in promising looking startups, only to find the CEO player in charge has stopped logging in! So if you run a stable, longterm enterprise, I would be happy to help buy shares anytime you need to IPO a new company.

Preference will be given to a company producing something with a solid demand (i.e. anything besides weapons!).

John Gilbert
The United Kingdom of Misoto, on Little Upsilon.

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