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Secretaries of the Executive Administration

Topics: Little Upsilon: Secretaries of the Executive Administration

King Hezekiah II

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 07:22 pm Click here to edit this post
I just wanted take this time to thank all the secretaries of the Executive Administration for your tireless efforts at your positions adding to your department forums at the gov site. We a growing very rapidly because of this, and the recruiting blitz done by the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of State. I have also been recruiting. I have had 5 new people email me in 2 days. There are now 30 members of the NLUO World Government.

Secretary of State: Lord Lee is going through an election right now, and he has done a great job in his position as Secretary of State. His transition into this position thrust him to be the most politically powerful member of the NLUO World Government.

Secretary of Justice: Herod has done a great job keeping the executive branch in check, and a servant branch to the Legislative Branches. He is also a rising star in the government.

Secretary of Treasury: Aries has been a leader on the economy of LU, and the NLUO World Government. His efforts are single handed getting our government as a whole out of debt, and allow new and existing nations to better understand the economic side of the game. He is another rising star, and also maybe look for this guy to even become Secretary General one day.

Both of these Secretaries Herod and Aries are both Hydra members. Hydra is becoming one of the dominant federations in the NLUO World Government. Their policies have stablized the government and stopped the bleeding of defections from out government.

Special thanks to the Leader of the Hydra Federations King Josias for allowing some of your fed members to participate, and thus making us a better government. I was wrong about your federation.

Secretary of Defense: King James the Fair has done a great job at managing the NLUO Military, and his policies have helped new and existing nations learn the war game. He has also been accepted into the Security Council. He has been a great Secretary of Defense. His recruitment efforts have also changed the image of our government and the perception of new and existing nations of who we are as a government. Great Job!!!

Secretary of Intelligence: President Chiwoo has also been a great addition to our administration. His intelligence and coordination of international intelligence has helped us not just to go to war, and make better decisions in diplomacy, which helped all of our secretaries better able to do their jobs. He is also a new and rising star in this government.

Secretary of Security: Carthage has done a great job in monitoring natural disasters, and working with the Security Council to get developmental aid to nations who need it.

Again As secretary General I wanted to thank you all for your great efforts, and we are fast becoming the government originally envisioned


Secretary General
King HezekiahII

King Herod VI

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 11:54 pm Click here to edit this post
I thank Mr. Secretary General. I do my best. I have always done my best. I told you that Hydra would not be a take over or a shutdown. Hydra is the greatest federation on the Planet. LONG LIVE HYDRA, and LONG LIVE JOSIAS our GLORIOUS LEADER>.

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