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Flash damage

Topics: Little Upsilon: Flash damage


Saturday, March 1, 2014 - 06:56 pm Click here to edit this post
What im referring to as the Flash is simply the extreme oversupply of certain materials. The damage done is significant but this is now an opportunity for many here to purchase this material to bring down the supply and fix the damage. Many new corporations are in need to be built so we don't have a huge demand in the future. I will list below the products hit the worst
AIRPLANES: lost 30% of corporations with a surplus now of 563 planes which will not be in demand for months if not bought up.
BUTTER: lost 50% of corporations in the last 9 hours; i personally bought the majority of the surplus so butter will be in demand in the next 2 weeks
BOATS: 16% drop in corporations but slow steady decline in supply unless bought up will stay in oversupply for while
CARGO AIRPLANES: 75% lose of corporations. past 36 hours a steady decline in supply but still oversupplied for next month
COTTON: 35% loss in corporations but 50% of oversupply has been used
RICE: 18% loss in corporations. oversupply has dropped 33% in 3 days.
SILVER: 9% loss in corporations. oversupply recovering nicely
all the above are slowly recovering but to buy the products now can supply your country for months to come in many of the products at rock bottom price. If one purchases many of the above corporations and the oversupply one can dominate said market for while to come. Just a heads up that's all.
PS: anyone wants some butter?? =P

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