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Topics: Little Upsilon: Federation

General DD

Thursday, December 31, 2015 - 03:33 am Click here to edit this post
Hello my empire name is called Empire of the day, I am new to this game and was looking for a federation to join to help me with advice to becoming a stronger economic power in order to increase my game score and to help me advance militarily.
One of my main ambitions in the game is to become a strong regional power in my world in little upsilon and to secure the protection of game assets and the protection of my people.
The reason I want to join a federation is to:

1. Talk and communicate with people other than Aries (no offense your doing a great job) to make the game more interesting for me and others
2. To gain economic advice from presidents and CEO's
3. To gain militaristic advice and support from members in order to help me dominate my region and advice as to how to maintain an empire
4. To help support me improve my war ranking currently war level 3 so I can gain experience during my secured mode period

As a new country I'm kinda worried about protection of my assets, I'm sure everyone was at this stage of the game so far

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