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CEO- how to make a profit? (Kebir Blue)

Topics: Help: CEO- how to make a profit? (Kebir Blue)

Charles III (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 07:21 pm Click here to edit this post
Can anyone offer any tips? I am struggling to break even as a CEO with any of my corperations. Corperations that I have when I play as a country are reasonably profitable, but those in my interprise barely break even with similar settings. The "country resources used" is what is killing them. Any tips, or any idea what I am doing wrong?

If someone could have a look, and tell me how to make them profitable, it would be greatly appreciated. The enterprise is named DorCorp


Kevin Henry (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 04:28 pm Click here to edit this post
Just give it time. All of your corporations are relativity new. As they get older they will become more profitable.

Also, keep in mind all corps are not created equal. For example, don't expect your plastics corp to even be as profitable as your factory maintenance corp.


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