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Something i just dont get about this game (Little Upsilon)

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Hiimad (Little Upsilon)

Friday, June 5, 2009 - 01:40 pm Click here to edit this post
I build between 7-8 Hospitals every 6 hours,and every time my death rate keeps decreasing (from like 62.3 to 62.2) Is this a good thing or a bad thing?im taking it to mean more people are dying so my efforts to revitalize the health care industry arent working at all.

Am i doing good though?Like every day,7-8 new hospitals finish and my people get better health care.

Do i need to invest in special clinics?

CraftyCockney (Kebir Blue)

Friday, June 5, 2009 - 02:06 pm Click here to edit this post
Deathrate decreasing = the rate at which people are dying is decreasing :) You can figure that out.

Special clinics and back to work schools are good because they get the physically challenged and full-time home makers working in your country, so reducing state handouts and increasing productivity. More workers :) Try 5 - 10 of each to start.

Personally I would recommend you build your health index to about 120 initially, but there are many differing opinions. Too good a health system will mean eventually your country will be full of retired healthy people who dont contribute income but cost you in social security payments.


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