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War against C3: Basic an in-depth Questions

Topics: Help: War against C3: Basic an in-depth Questions


Friday, August 19, 2011 - 08:57 am Click here to edit this post
I have read about attacking a nearby C3 in the wiki, and therefore have the big idea in mind:

Paint the country, destroy air defense, destroy main targets starting from capital.

However, I do not know the details on how to maneuver the units.

I shall Ask in a chronological order:

We assume I have the necessary troops said in the wiki (1000 fight planes, 1000 drones, ammo, heavy tanks, etc)

1. Paint the country.

How to move units (where to click, which map, etc)? Will my units be attacked while moving?

2. Destroy air defense.

Do I need to destroy in once, or do I have to do it again for each city/county?

3. Destroy main targets.

If I understood correctly, I need to destroy the defenses in each city I want to attack, not all at one go, right?


General Question(s):

I understood that the first C3 you attack is weakest. The wiki about attacking a C3 is about the first war, or also wars after the first?

Do I only need that much weapons for all C3s? (don't want to lose all my investment on a war >.<)

Any other things I need to know about attacking a C3?


Thank you for taking you time to read and reply to the above questions. Feel free to add, or ask anything related to the subject.

Kind regards,

Crafty (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 01:26 am Click here to edit this post
1) I click on my land force in my country, use option to move and you get a speech bubble type thing, click on the other side of the border of the country you are attacking (assuming a neighbour country) and the unit will move to the border. Now it can get stuck there for a while, checking passports or some nonsesnse, but will eventually cross and start painting. From war map you continue doing this until all country has gone orange. Nothing will attack your land units as long as you dont fire at anything.

2) Before you attack any target you must kill their air defense. Air def is for the whole country, not target specific. The air defense can resupply after a while and catch you off guard so once you take out all air defence with your fighters/drone or fighter/bomber wings it might be a good idea to select each interceptor wing and heli wing from the targets list, that way they cant resupply because you have blown up the trucks and things too. Im presuming you know how and what to attack to kill the interceptors with out getting slaughtered.

3) Destroying targets defence first and then the target one by one is probably best because their garrisons also resupply. If you are quick you could get away with doing all defences first but its more clicks and you'ld probably get confused with what you've done or not.

Difficulty of C3 taking is dependant on your war level at the time. Higher level wars will of course require more weapons.

Matt Patton (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 04:29 am Click here to edit this post
kill the units with air units before you attac
have to air units
airforce attack setup to 520 fig 1000 drones
use this to kill the air defense
have many supply units
or deactivate garrisons
have 10000 drones in stock
then once you kill all air defense use a
airforce attack bombing wing to kill the ground air units
moving land units in
use the bombing wing to kill the army of the target
then use the LBC to take out military targets bases and forts 1 shot one kill no limit
cheaper than the big missiles bigger bang than mid range need 500 to 750 bats and 15000 to 20000 missiles
also if its a long distance war you need a rapid deploy unit to make an airbase takes a while
and use a military transport unit or 2 to ship the land attack division in takes a while
if its next door just move right in
choose target select move and go there
take out any companies you don't like
all the lame type companies like fort companies and food and agri or some other surplus company
attack the nearest cities and as the land division moves the country gets painted
use the attack bomber wing to kill the defense
big cities will net more use the land attack on cities
if you have a supply problem cut down garrisons

Billy_Bob_Joe_Bob_Steve (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 02:12 am Click here to edit this post
I would highly recommend the church of simcountry guide to taking a C3, but the website is down.

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