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Trade & Automation Settings !!! (Golden Rainbow)

Topics: Help: Trade & Automation Settings !!! (Golden Rainbow)

brkust (Golden Rainbow)

Monday, November 21, 2011 - 11:29 am Click here to edit this post

I started the game couple of weeks ago and got the hang of many things but i seem to have issues with several settings through the game.

1- The Local/Common Market Settings: My Auto Retain Product Setting from /Automation Systems looks like it is not working. When the setting is on and after I offer & accept products for my corps, I keep on getting a warning saying contracts exceed production. (then I manually retained the products for each contracted corp, warnings disappear!) Is this the case all the time? Do I have to manually retain the products all the time? It will become a long job to do if corp numbers grow!!

2- Trade Strategies: I am setting my corporations settings to sell the product following the quality index by 10% and decreasing by 10% every month.(Example: Quality 150 - Price 160 - Decrease by 10%) I save and quit. After I return to the game after couple of hours, The settings are always set as following quality by -10% and decreasing by 10%.(Example: Quality 150 - Price 140 - Decrease by 10%) I tried fixing it with many methods but doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have a solution to this? Could this be related to the automation systems/beginner and general protection setting?

3- Automation systems/beginner and general protection setting: How much difference does it really make to the economic protection? Does it have any kind of a blocking effect to any aspect of the economic game?

I did read many subjects on the forum & wikia, but I couldn't really see any answers for my question. I might have missed the specific subject, Ill be glad if you can forward me in this case.

Any other help will be great

Countries: Sunteria on GR

Crafty (Fearless Blue)

Monday, November 21, 2011 - 05:16 pm Click here to edit this post
1) I'm not a contract expert so someone will answer better. Are the corps producing at 100%? New contracts will take a month for the corp to make the products and reserve them for next month I believe, so that might be it. I've never worried about that message as contracts seemed to work out anyway. Hopefully someone else will help better.

2) This seems to be a problem several people are getting, you should email the GM to explain because its been looked at by many vets and I haven't heard a reason yet.

3) This could possibly be tied in with No2. It does effect what your country does without you asking, which you might find very frustrating if you have your own strategy. You may find salaries changing, trade strats! and more. The automation is designed to help the country gradually become successful, but if you have an idea of how things work then I would recommend you turn off all beginners automation.

Get in a federation on GR, you should get loads of help and hints/tips and explanations from them.

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