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What is the purpose of special forces units and seal teams (Fearless Blue)

Topics: Help: What is the purpose of special forces units and seal teams (Fearless Blue)

CDTSGT. ARELLANO (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 05:36 am Click here to edit this post
the title is pretty explantory what is the purpose of these units in war would some one please tell me


Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 09:33 pm Click here to edit this post
23. Special Forces [ top ]
Special forces are small units of highly trained soldiers and officers who operate behind enemy lines and can attack bases, some weapon systems and factories. Special-forces are not used against regular large force concentrations where open battles take place with a lot of air power and land forces. Special-forces are not used to attack cities.

Special forces are dropped from air transport aircraft into enemy territory and are able to defend newly build military airports while more units are being flown in.

Special Forces
Base Offensive military base
Deployment All land locations
Crew 8 officers and 14 soldiers
Ammunition Hand held missiles
Range Up to 1000
Use per action 10 missiles per attack
Effective Offensive aa and anti tank missile batteries: hit rate: 5% damage: 10%
Offensive mid range batteries: hit rate: 5% damage: 10%
Land to sea missile batteries: 5% damage: 15%
Strategic missile batteries: hit rate: 5 damage: 3 to 6%
Fortifications: hit rate: 10% damage: 0.02%
Airports, bases: hit rate: 20% damage: 0.005 to 1
Can be destroyed by Defensive missiles, helicopter missiles, mid range
and Guided missiles, attack helicopters, navy helicopters,
and navy fighters, attack drones, Rapid deployment forces,
Tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and jeeps.

24. Seals Units [ top ]
Seals are naval commandos. They are used to attack enemy navy ships and units. Seals get to their targets in fast small attack boats and can be lethal if used against the right targets.

Seals Units
Base Navy command or carrier
Deployment Naval forces
Crew 2 officers and 8 soldiers
Ammunition Special Seals ammunition
Range Up to 1000
Use per action 10 rounds per attack
Effective Defensive navy missiles: hit rate: 50% damage: 100%
Defensive navy missile interceptor batteries: hit rate: 25% damage: 100%
Destroyers: hit rate: 12% damage: 10%
Cruise missile ships: hit rate: 5% damage: 20%
Guided missile frigates: hit rate: 10% damage: 25%
Attack destroyers: hit rate: 25% damage: 5%
Seals Units: hit rate 20% damage: 10%
Nuclear submarines: hit rate: 10% damage: 10%
Fleet command ships: hit rate: 15% damage: 2%
Helicopter carriers: hit rate: 15% damage: 1%
Aircraft carriers: hit rate: 15% damage: 0.5%
Can be destroyed by Defensive destroyers, Land to sea and guided missiles, attack
destroyers, navy helicopters, navy fighters and navy seals

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