Simcountry is a multiplayer Internet game in which you are the president, commander in chief, and industrial leader. You have to make the tough decisions about cutting or raising taxes, how to allocate the federal budget, what kind of infrastructure you want, etc..
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Monday, May 7, 2012 - 02:15 am Click here to edit this post
Id like to think im adept at simcoutnry in the economy game, but over the last 2-3 real days my coutry's profit/loss went from icnreasing around 4-8B a month, and around 60B and then it plateued and froze. Suddenly i was loosing 6-12B a game month. Until it stoped at 14B, over 6-9 Game months i see that as a rapid drop. See anything im overlooking in these statistics??

Finance Statement - Assets Financial Index 137.60
Cash Available 6,386.37B SC$
Debt including inherited loans from closed Corporations 0.00B SC$
Loans given to Others 0.00B SC$

Value of all State Corporations 33,333.62B SC$
Share Value State Controlled Public Corporations 0.00B SC$
Share Value Other Public Corporations 0.00B SC$
Total of all Corporate Assets 33,333.62B SC$
Value of all Materials 1,104.60B SC$
Value of all Weapons 735.19B SC$
Value of all Ammunition 2,260.85B SC$

Total of all Assets 43,801.99B SC$

Cash Changes - Year To Date Previous Cash Total 1,956,912.13M SC$

Profit or Loss 106,663.35M SC$
Income/Cost of old Loans 6,290,000.00M SC$
Income/Cost of New Loans 0.00M SC$
Corporations bought, sold, closed and moved 0.00M SC$
Cash from Closed Corporations 0.00M SC$
Cost of building new State Corporations -65,991.73M SC$
Cost of building Hospitals -13,207.86M SC$
Cost of building Schools and Universities -38,518.72M SC$
Cost of building Roads and Train Tracks -1,013,358.81M SC$
Cost of Financial Services 0.00M SC$
Income/Cost for Defensive Weapons and Ammo 4,604.15M SC$
Income/Cost for Offensive Weapons and Ammo 378,309.96M SC$
Income/Cost for Strategic Weapons and Ammo 0.00M SC$
Raw Materials Purchased from Local Corporations 0.00M SC$
Materials Purchased -700,232.79M SC$
Materials sold or used by Government 385,663.78M SC$
Spending by the Population 175,915.54M SC$
Automatic Cash Transfers 605,000.00M SC$
Manual Cash Transfers -2,285,389.06M SC$
Bonuses and Awards 600,000.00M SC$
Cash Exchanged for Gold Coins 0.00M SC$
Cash/Debt Inherited from Conquered and Closed Countries 0.00M SC$
Repairing War Damage and Civil Unrest 0.00M SC$
Income/Cost of Shares 0.00M SC$

Cash Available 6,386,369.93M SC$

Profit & Loss - This Month Income Cost

Taxes paid by Citizens 28,796.03M SC$
Health Contributions and Cost 8,587.84M SC$ 26,808.66M SC$
Education Contributions and Cost 4,530.61M SC$ 12,081.87M SC$
Interest on Outstanding Loans 349.44M SC$ 0.00M SC$
Taxes paid by Corporations 87.58M SC$
Profit paid by State Owned Corporations 23,845.13M SC$
Income from Enterprises 1,078.07M SC$
Social Security Payments 5,459.02M SC$
Transportation System 8,360.91M SC$
General Cost of Government 18,702.16M SC$
Total Defense Cost 2,825.64M SC$
Income from Dividend 0.00M SC$
Beginners Income Booster 21,533.33M SC$

Total Income and Cost 88,808.04M SC$ 74,238.26M SC$
Profit / Shortage 14,569.78M SC$

Profit & Loss - Year To Date Income Cost

Taxes paid by Citizens 185,428.46M SC$
Health Contributions and Cost 53,592.63M SC$ 159,399.48M SC$
Education Contributions and Cost 28,299.06M SC$ 71,615.10M SC$
Interest on Outstanding Loans 2,096.67M SC$ 0.00M SC$
Taxes paid by Corporations 12,503.81M SC$
Profit paid by State Owned Corporations 128,763.62M SC$
Income from Enterprises 7,204.87M SC$
Social Security Payments 35,034.48M SC$
Transportation System 46,602.15M SC$
General Cost of Government 111,861.45M SC$
Total Defense Cost 17,329.79M SC$
Income from Dividend 0.00M SC$
Beginners Income Booster 130,616.67M SC$

Total 548,505.79M SC$ 441,842.44M SC$

Profit & Loss - Expected Full Year Income Cost

Taxes paid by Citizens 370,856.93M SC$
Health Contributions and Cost 107,185.26M SC$ 318,798.96M SC$
Education Contributions and Cost 56,598.13M SC$ 143,230.19M SC$
Interest on Outstanding Loans 4,193.33M SC$ 0.00M SC$
Taxes paid by Corporations 25,007.62M SC$
Profit paid by State Owned Corporations 257,527.24M SC$
Income from Enterprises 14,409.75M SC$
Social Security Payments 70,068.97M SC$
Transportation System 93,204.30M SC$
General Cost of Government 223,722.89M SC$
Total Defense Cost 34,659.58M SC$
Income from Dividend 0.00M SC$
Beginners Income Booster 261,233.33M SC$

Total 1,097,011.58M SC$ 883,684.89M SC$

Citizens with higher income invest some of their money. You can view this investment fund and how it performs.

Private Investments Cash Private Investments Funds 115.35B SC$
New Contributions by the Population 1,506.03M SC$
Profit from Private Investments this Month (Interest) 40.85M SC$
Dividend ... 1.91M SC$
Number of Workers 25,902,784
Profit per Worker 2.00
Current Market Interest Rate 0.42%

Pensions Total Private Investments for additional Pensions 47.27B SC$
New Contributions by the Population 1,021.35M SC$
Profit from Private Investments this Month (Interest) 1.58M SC$
Number of Pensioners 1,787,755
Pension per Pensioner 286.00
Current Market Interest Rate 0.04%

Some of the citizens income is spent on housing. The following shows data concerning housing and new investments in housing in the country.

Housing Investments Number Of Households 18,695,441
Total Value of all Homes 799.88B SC$
Investment in Housing this Month 5,078.47M SC$
Total Mortgage Cost 282.00M SC$
Average House Value 42,785
Average Yearly Price Increase 0.00%

Im trying to build my country rapidly still, im selling military weapons, i quit building corps to let them build up themselfs quicker, my employment is 96.

Heres additional info.

Number of Countries 1 1 check empire...
Number of Enterprises 0 1
Enterprise Corporations 0 100

Country Index Value Needed for Level 5
Country Population 52.35 M 23.00 M check country...
Net Cash 6.39 T 5.00 T check country...
Defense Index 6.97 - check country...
Defensive Force Index 8.99 - check country...
Offensive Force Index 3.58 check country...
Strategic Force Index 1.44 check country...
Health Index 110.79 100 check country...
Education Index 118.36 100 check country...
School Index 120.00
Highschool Index 153.00
University Index 259.00
Transportation Index 183.20 100 check country...
Road Index 277.80
Railroad Index 213.25
Water Treatment Index 158.77
Employment Index 95.25 80 check country...
Percentage Unemployed 4.75 check country...
Consumption Quality Index 182.21 check country...
Supply Index 100.00 check country...
Corporations Welfare Index 112.60 check country...
Financial Index 137.60 85 check country...
Assets Index 49.51
Business Index 110.81 check country...
Social Security Quality Index 104.09 80 check country...
Industry Salary Index 260.66 check country...
Government Salary Index 288.64 110 check country...
Welfare Index 109.94
Migration Index 56.17
War Index 100.00

Game Levels 4 and higher require Premium Membership.


Monday, May 7, 2012 - 02:16 am Click here to edit this post
I have thought about closing roads.


Monday, May 7, 2012 - 06:33 am Click here to edit this post
Actually falcien, I just examined your country, and you're pretty terrible at the economic game. That being said, I know how you can fix your country and make it far more profitable:

Part 1: Vital Infrastructure

You need a much higher education index to ensure an adequate supply of workers. In theory, you would think that an education index of 100 would be sufficient, because you would be training exactly as many workers as you needed.

However, in practice you need a much higher education index, in order to train many MORE workers than you actually need. This is because the labor market in simcountry fluctuates constantly, and you never know for certain which types workers you may need more of at any given time. You should always try to maintain an education index of AT LEAST 200. With an education index as low as your country has, your country is at risk of frequent shortages in various worker groups.

Also, the simcountry labor market fluctuates constantly. Therefore, you need to regularly update your country’s education priorities. However, you also need to be aware that it takes approximately one real-life day for your country’s education priorities to fully adjust. Therefore, it is best to inspect your country’s education priorities once each day at a regular time everyday, updating them if necessary, but not to constantly tinker with them numerous times throughout the day.

As for your transportation index, healthcare index and social security index, when you have enough money you can raise them higher than the game recommends. This makes your citizens more content, thus increasing their productivity in corporations.

However, I would not recommend that you do this until your country's income is sufficient to support the cost of maintaining those indexes at a higher level. Until then, I would suggest that you maintain your transportation, healthcare and social security indexes at a level either of 100 or else just barely above 100.

The combination of good education, together with adequate but affordable healthcare, transportation and social security, will give your country the motivated, capable workforce which the corporations in your country depend upon.

Part 2: Private Enterprise

Privately owned corporations are WAY more profitable for states than are state-owned corporations. This is because the rules of simcountry give private corporations very substantial economic advantages over state corporations. This is done SPECIFICALLY in order to ensure that no state in simcountry can make as much money from state corporations as it can from private corporations.

If the game managers didn't ensure that private corporations were more profitable for states than state corporations were, most presidents would simply ban private corporations and rely entirely on state corporations, in order to have more control over their countries' economies.

Then, if there weren't enough C3s available to build corporations in, it would be almost impossible to play the game as a CEO. Trust me, even with no corporate profits tax, private corporations are still WAY more profitable for a state than are state corporations. The game managers have done an excellent job of ensuring this.

To attract private corporations, the most important thing you can do is to build up your country's infrastructure as explained in part one. The second most important thing which will make your country attractive to private enterprise is to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE your corporate profits tax. The vast majority of money which a state receives from private corporations comes not in the form of taxes but rather in the form of something called “country resource payments”.

This refers to the money which private corporations pay every month to your country in exchange for use of the nations resources, such as water and electricity. These payments are usually, although not always, far larger than the monthly profit of a typical state-run OR privately-run corporation, and your country can make far more money each month from these payments than it can from any other source.

Eliminating your corporate profit tax is DEFINATELY the way to go, because the amount of money your country will receive from private corporations is infinitesimal compared to the amount of money which it will receive in the form of country resource payments, and eliminating your corporate profits tax will allow you to attract a much larger number of CEOs to your country, which will more than make up for the income lost by not taxing corporations. It will also allow you to attract far more skilled and experienced CEOs to your country, whose corporations will tend to be more profitable for your country than the corporations of less skilled and less experienced CEOs.

If your country is lucky enough to have no state-run corporations, as well as more private corporations than your country’s labor pool can support, you can even forcibly remove the corporations which are paying the least amount of money in country resource payments, in order to create room for other CEOs to establish other corporations in your country which will hopefully be even more profitable for you.

Thus, along with building up your country’s vital infrastructure as explained in part 1, you also need to completely eliminate your corporate profits tax. You also need to eliminate all of your state-run corporations, in order to help make room for those private corporations. You should try to sell as many corporations as possible, either by selling shares via international public offerings, or else by encouraging CEOs to bid on them. However, if you can’t sell a particular corporations, you should then simply close it in order to get rid of it anyway, because you really don’t want any state-run corporations in your state if you can possibly help it.

Private corporations are just so much better! You don’t even have to manage them, because other players, who, from the looks of things, will probably be much better at the economic game than you are, will manage their own corporations in your country for you. Thus, not only are private corporation far more profitable for a state, but also, they are far less work for the president of that state.

As you are in the process of building up your country’s infrastructure as explained in part 1, and as you are in the process of eliminating your state-run corporations, and once you have eliminated your corporate profits tax, you can then start sending in-game messages as many CEOs as possible, advertising your country’s 0% tax rate, together with its large supply of educated, motivated, unemployed workers, in order to attract as many CEOs as possible to your country.

There is no need to wait until your country already meets all of the criteria listed here before sending invitations to CEOs. In fact, it would probably be best to start inviting CEOs to build corporations in your country as soon as possible, because the money which you will receive from those corporations will be very helpful in developing your country to meet the necessary criteria listed here.

However, if you decide to invite CEOs before your country meets the criteria listed here, be sure to let them know that you are working towards these criteria as fast as possible. That is to say: you are eliminating your corporate profits tax as fast as the game will allow, your are eliminating your state-run corporations as fast as the game will allow, that you are raising your education index and refining your education priorities as fast as the game will allow, and that you will raise your transportation, healthcare and social security indexes as soon as you can afford it.

That way, CEOs will know that your country will be a good investment in the long-term, even if it may be a terrible investment in the short-term. Also, once you start attracting private corporations to your country, be sure to build “back to work schools” and “special clinics”, to pump even more workers into the labor force, in order to sustain even more private corporations.

Part 3: War Levels

I notice that your country is already at War Level 2. I would strongly suggest that you not take your country to WL3 until you have fixed your economy. War against another player is very costly regardless of whether you are the attacker or the defender. It costs a great deal of money to replenish the ammunition which you will expend as well as to replace your weapons which your enemy will destroy.

I won’t go into any great detail on the dynamics of warfare here, but suffice it to say that you won’t be able to sustain even a defensive war for very long against a skilled and determined player, unless you make some major improvements to your economy as I have here suggested.

Once you have fixed your economy, then you can advance to WL3, although I would suggest you build up large defensive and offensive military forces before doing so. However, until then, I would suggest that you completely deactivate all of your weapons, defensive, offensive and strategic, and sell as many of them as possible. That way, you won’t have money constantly draining from your country’s coffers in order to support a military which is not necessary until you reach WL3, and the money which you will receive from selling weapons and ammunition will help stave off bankruptcy until you have fixed your economy.

I know that a lot of players on Fearless Blue want to be warlords, but you’ll never be able to afford a decent military unless you have a strong economy first. All players who are accomplished warlords were only able to become accomplished warlords by being good economic players first.

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