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How To Run A Profitable State-Owned Corporation

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Friday, August 3, 2012 - 07:01 am Click here to edit this post
When checking the list of my 12 state-owned corps., I see all but 2 report large losses each month.

What sites on the game should I read so I can learn how to run a profitable state-owned corporation?

All but one of them -- in tea -- is in an industry that has a global supply shortage.


Friday, August 3, 2012 - 10:21 am Click here to edit this post
Well the documentation in the game is good, use the source of course. But their are some rules you should follow. That are easier than sorting through that you should do that when you have time

1. SUPPLY!!!! Quality above 200 becomes devastating and you can make a profit if your supply qualities are 120. High supply quality can optimize your quality but also has a saturation point, so you get no more benefit after a certain level.

2. Improper trading agreements, as it would appear trade strategies aren't as dependant as players would like, there is no need to supply direct lines, so you should limit your common or local market contracts if you have them. INSTEAD search and use the supply quality level.

3. Product Quality, as I mentioned before supply quality plays a roll, but more importantly your level of upgrades do. Not completely accurate but comparable is to view an upgrade as a 1 time purchase to gain a 1% gain on your countries revenues. REvenue is not profit either 1% Revenue>1% Profits but a substantianal amount. And honestly I haven't seen a corp pull a profit with no upgrades sinnce pretty close to when I started playing. So buy those upgrades, probably all the way up is your best course, but I have no intent of telling you exactly what to do.

4. Make sure you are running at 100% production and hiring. True you use less material and pay less in salaries but your fixed costs remain the same. If you aren't hiring at 100% your corps will have to swallow a larger % of fixed costs compared to revenue making it more difficult to make money. You can build what kind of workers you want in education priorties, if you need to you may need to shut a corp or 2 down to increase the profitability of your other corps.

5. Corporate Welfare can also make a huge difference. This is probably not in your scope of things to do immediately, but whatever this number is, is the production level you run at. If you scroll to the bottom of the corp you will see a production number, that is what you will make if your corp welfare is 100%. If you want to increase it, you can do 2 things increase your countries welfare by buying schools, hospitals, roads, and increasing social security, OR you can increase their salaries. (note both of these can increase your costs more then they increase your revenue id not careful)

6. Note that this won't get you out of the red, but will increase the actual profitability of the corp. If your taxes or profit payments are too high then the realizable profit of the company decreases. But if your intent is to keep them state corp it doesn't matter at all. Also if your corp is losing money then you don't pay anything anyways.

So my advice to anyone is buy out all upgrades effectivity and quality, keep supply levels around 160ish more or less when you know what you are doing. Get your countries welfare up to at least 100 but 120+ is always good. Don't bother with the common market and hope for updates that make them valid. Raise salaries to at least 200 but I have corps that serve me better as high as 600 so when in doubt 200 for low welfare countries and 300+ for high. Make sure your operating at at least 90% hiring, pop increases and worker shifts can fill in that 10% hole. And you should be good.

State Corps are easy. In fact I've considered chucking away the enterprises completely. State corps are not subjected to country resource payments. This is 1B+ per month.

If you really want to use state corps effectively and don't have any intent on changimg them I have an additional suggestion for you, that isn't exactly what your asking for, but an experiment you can try. Once you've performed all the steps to make your corps profitable raise the salaries to a level where your corps break even. And take notice of the increases in tax revenues and contributions to healthcare and education. Having the increased control of your countries inner workers is an effect a lot of players ignore.

Hope that helps

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