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Poll Idea 10: Expatriates (White Giant)

Topics: Suggestions: Poll Idea 10: Expatriates (White Giant)

David Wendelken (White Giant)

Saturday, September 20, 2008 - 09:07 am Click here to edit this post
If a player allows CEOs to enter any of their countries, then a CEO may base it's originating nationality on that player's countries.

When a CEO based on a player's countries builds or buys a corporation outside of that player's territory, 5% of the corporation staff is drawn from the territory of the player's countries, evenly spread across all countries. These are expatriates, citizens of that player's countries that are brought in to start up a corporation overseas.

The CEO gets a 5% hiring bonus above and beyond what the country the corporation is located in can provide. If that host country can support 100% hiring, it only supplies 95% of the labor.

However, all money transferred into the CEO's balance (as opposed to money staying in individual corporations) is taxed by the player's countries, with the revenue split evenly among the player's countries. In addition, the player receives 1/2 of the income tax for the 5% expatriate workers, with the hosting country receiving the other 1/2.

Angus88 (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, September 21, 2008 - 03:37 am Click here to edit this post
Um sorry but this is a terrible suggestion. It would discourage private corporations. If your short of workers in a mismanaged country pay higher salaries you cheapskate, inform the leader to maybe consider trading professionals, or move that corp out of there.

nilloc93 (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, September 21, 2008 - 04:26 am Click here to edit this post
aye your idea is epic fail

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