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Improve keyword search (Fearless Blue)

Topics: Suggestions: Improve keyword search (Fearless Blue)

Jo Jo Hun (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 06:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Kind of a dry topic, but anyone who's used the search engine on these forums ("keyword search" under Utilities) to try to recover pearls of wisdom from the past will appreciate what I'm talking's very difficult to use it effectively. This is ONE reason why there are multiple threads on so many topics.

1st problem: You do a search on some word, you get say 285 hits, you want to narrow the search, but there's no function for revising the search. You have to go back and start anew. PITA as the search gets complicated.

2nd problem: You narrow your search to 5 hits. Click on the first, read it. Okay. Now you want to read the second hit. No easy way to do have to go back and enter the search all over.

Suggested solution to both: Introduce a navigation button(s) on this frame of the forums, so you can easily go back to a previous page, such as the one where you entered the search terms, or the one which lists the search results. Yes, there are navigation buttons on the bottom of the keyword results page, but only to look through the abstract of the results--once you actually click on a hit the navigation option is gone.

3rd problem: You can enter a phrase, in quotes, but sometimes it only searches on one of the words in the phrase. e.g. I remember some post started out "Oh my", so I type in that phrase, and it gives 1079 hits, and then tells me it ignored the word "my"!

Suggested solution: Fix it so that it does a literal search of the exact phrase!

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