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Empire vs Countries in different feds Status: Will be added

Topics: Suggestions: Empire vs Countries in different feds Status: Will be added

Leen Dierts

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 - 05:19 pm Click here to edit this post
This is a curious result of a random idea-voting.

I will not complain about the quality of the ideas proposed in voting rounds. I only complain about the voting system. Just letting 55 active players (most without experience) decide on bad ideas. Well, not bad ideas, just ideas without a previous discussion, and without good explanations. It should not be a surprise that i don't bother to vote at all.

I am surprised to see that the game-master wants to add this feature.

Let me state why this idea is wrong:
1) In the real world, empires can join different alliences. So, compared with the real world, it is not unlogical to have different countries in different federations.
2) On SC, different federations can work together. Being a member of more federations with your countries make the politics on SC more interesting.
3) YOU NEED REGIONAL FEDERATIONS. Most players don't have a clue how federation-support works. We can blame the documentation for that. But when you have countries on different continents, you need to be member of a federation within interceptor-range.
4) Switching federations in war, or with declaration makes warfare complicated, but that is what makes it interesting. We have seen some very interesting strategies (operations) in the past.

@Gamemaster: do not implement this idea. It will remove a very usefull and interesting tool for real war-strategies.

5) And last. The federation-features seems to work properly at the moment. Please do not temper with something that is not broken. There are much more other things to improve or fix.

Patience and respect

Zdeněk Pavlovský (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 - 12:36 pm Click here to edit this post
The thing is that some ideas up for vote do not require experience or debate (Newspaper Upgrade), some ideas are just a matter of opinion not facts (The new Financial Services is bull crap) yet could probably benefit from a debate, and some ideas are indeed in great need of debate, educated opinion or experience (like the one you mentioned).

So how to approach different kinds of ideas? How to make sure what needs expertize and careful consideration will get it, but what does not need wont be restrained or prolonged by legal process?

Without going into much detail, one way to divide different ideas into "appropriate" categories, to moderate debates over ideas which need attention, or to contribute to the discussion, would be to get a body consisted from players involved and make it their responsibility, their duty, their job.

Such body could be the Security Council, which usually has active and experienced players as members.

Sure, upon giving this concept more thought we will still be faced with the question:

How to ensure those who vote know/understand what they vote on?

Once we answer this question, we will solve the problem you are concerned with Leen Dierts.

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