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New Player Dilemma (Kebir Blue)

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Jack Frost (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 - 08:34 am Click here to edit this post
2:54:24 AM: wait
2:54:35 AM: whats is the best way to sell something
2:54:41 AM: sorry

2:54:55 AM: best price
2:55:04 AM: k
2:55:04 AM: if you dont mind waiting for it to sell
2:55:14 AM: or immediate if you need the money sooner
2:55:32 AM: yea
2:55:46 AM: are you like the creator or something

2:55:55 AM: no
2:56:00 AM: im just someone that helps people
2:56:04 AM: just a normal player
2:56:07 AM: apparently Im a vet
2:56:09 AM: ?
2:56:13 AM: o
2:56:18 AM: nie
2:56:23 AM: *nice

2:56:25 AM: if you wanna make it far in this game show respect to those that came before you
2:56:34 AM: ask specific questions
2:56:45 AM: and when the time comes answer someone who came after you
2:57:11 AM: y am i being disrespectful
2:57:19 AM: no
2:57:31 AM: just giving you pointers to get you far in this game
2:57:33 AM: yea
2:57:42 AM: thanks cuz im really new
2:57:56 AM: i dont know what the hell i am doing

2:59:31 AM: what world are you on?
2:59:36 AM: now will my things sell for sure
2:59:45 AM: golden rainbw
2:59:47 AM: yes
2:59:50 AM: might take a bit

2:59:55 AM: k
2:59:56 AM: are you in a fed yet?
3:00:16 AM: yea my own but can i see your
3:00:28 AM: ill join

3:01:07 AM: I'm not a leader in this fed so I cannot invite you
3:01:23 AM: o ok
3:01:23 AM: if you were on LU which is my turf I could take you in and nurture you
3:01:34 AM: itss cool
3:01:34 AM: how long have you been playing?
3:01:41 AM: like a few days
3:01:48 AM: oh
3:02:00 AM: have you realised yet that this is a pay to play game?
3:02:13 AM: really
3:02:22 AM: yes
3:02:32 AM: so wtf
3:02:35 AM: you have 21 days of free play then you have to pay $12
3:02:49 AM: wow thats bs
3:02:51 AM: then its $4 a month if you keep to 1 world
3:03:20 AM: well looks like i only got a week or two
3:03:25 AM: they charge because this game took a lot of programming with the depth that it has and nothing in life is truly free
3:03:44 AM: true
3:04:55 AM: you can make this game pay you to play it though with some hard work and a tad bit of dedication
3:05:29 AM: really how
3:06:17 AM: well you can transfer money out of your countries into GC's and once you have 1000 gc and your countries are lvl 3 you can cash out in which they pay you $25
3:06:58 AM: wow
3:07:26 AM: well ill try
3:08:05 AM: and these coins are what you can use to pay them

3:08:19 AM: no you pay in cash
3:08:31 AM: that covers your subscription fee
3:08:53 AM: o ok
3:08:53 AM: you then have a world rent which is 30gc per month which you get 90gc when you pay $12
3:08:56 AM: i see
3:09:36 AM: so your initial $12 can cover you for 3 months unless you decide to buy population or inject cash into your empire
3:17:10 AM: how do i delete my account
3:18:27 AM: you need to cancel the registratin of your country and then go to the main page and click My Accoun > Closing My Account
3:18:59 AM: how do i cancle the registration of my country
3:19:09 AM: im looking for that right now
3:19:19 AM: k thanks
3:22:52 AM: I can't find it
3:23:04 AM: shit
3:23:10 AM: if you let your account run past the 21 days without paying they will cancel it for you
3:23:22 AM: o ok
3:23:50 AM: well thank you for all that you have done

3:24:01 AM: your welcome
3:24:09 AM: do you mind if i use our conversation
3:24:24 AM: to let them know that they need to advertise better that this is a pay to play?
3:25:02 AM: yes you may ind im glad that you do because im very disapointed
3:25:18 AM: it has been brought up before
3:25:28 AM: hopefully this will let them see the light of day
3:25:38 AM: yea
3:25:47 AM: if you do decide to come back I am on Little Upsilon I will gladly help you out
3:26:09 AM: yea well i might make a country there
3:26:18 AM: if i come back

3:26:21 AM: ok
3:27:27 AM: good bye
3:27:40 AM: good bye tresp

I have taken the liberty to highlight what our friend Tresp said in bold and left what I said plain as I feel that W3C should address this matter. I have posted this in both Suggestions and General, so that W3C will have a harder time ignoring this problem. Please keep your posts to the GENERAL section if you are going to comment. Please and Thank You.

With Regards,

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