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Allow Wholesalers (will fix several issues) (White Giant)

Topics: Suggestions: Allow Wholesalers (will fix several issues) (White Giant)

chrysostom (White Giant)

Thursday, March 12, 2009 - 05:17 pm Click here to edit this post
In some cases CEOs have a large number of corps in some industries. It would be much easier to allow CEOs to build wholesale companies that would be set-up so that all the stock produced by corporations of any one type could be sold to that company and that company could then sell it on the market.

A wholesale company would have a small monthly opperating cost and would need to be built. It would be only able to buy one type of good, and would be required to buy the majority of its good by contract (but could buy upto 49% of its good on the market). The quality it would sell at is the average of the goods it buys. It could buy, at market price, or other prices, such as cost, cost plus, or at any set price.

The wholeseller would not pay an resources used tax, but would pay a tax on profit at the tax level the country charges. The wholeseller would pay a small monthly fixed cost and maintainance cost, a small materials costs for things like computers, internet, etc, and would pay a small workforce to run it.

The wholeseller would be able to store goods at no cost equal to 24 months worth of the goods they have contracted to buy each month.

The advantages of the wholesale corp are:

1. Would allow CEOs and countries to more easily set-up and work with common markets. All of each product type could be purchased to and sold to a single source (making contracting much easier)

2. Would allow CEOs to set their trade strategies for each good type much more easily. They would only now have to set it at the one wholesaler.

3. Would make it easier to reduce the Cash in Corps, because it would allow CEOs to have a steady stream of cash for their corps, rather than having them sell 2 months worth of goods one month and no goods the next month.

4. Would provide a new corp type, and add a whole new game aspect.

5. Would really help with the amunition and weapons shortages because it would:
A- allow a safe place to store amunition for upto 2 years
B- provide a steady income for corps during peace times
C- allow CEOs to more easily see demand for products

6. Would help the GM see the market situation for common goods more clearly.

7. Would help stabilize income for Countries as their tax income often is based on the number of items sold, if the corps in them have consistant sales, it would stabalize their monthly income.

8. It would improve player to player interaction as a player with a wholeseller could set-up contracts with several other players' corps and make a profit for them all. (the wholeseller would make money from the difference from the price he sells at and the price he buys at, and the corps that sells it to him would make a profit on selling it).

illuminatus (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, March 12, 2009 - 09:19 pm Click here to edit this post
That is an interesting idea.

I like it.

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