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New market item: Buy, Sell, or Trade your Boosters (White Giant)

Topics: Suggestions: New market item: Buy, Sell, or Trade your Boosters (White Giant)

CorporatePartner (White Giant)

Saturday, November 12, 2011 - 08:43 am Click here to edit this post
It has been seen many times, both here and with allies and other traders, that many "boosters" are sitting idle, not used, or in fact, cannot be used for some reason. In these situations, then, it would be convenient to open some way to either buy ones from others, sell surplus ones not used, or have some way to exchange "boosters" with others. The suggestion would be to add "boosters" as another item on either the "Direct Trading" or "Cash Market".

Currently, "boosters" are only kept with one entity-at-a-time, and are not transferable, nor redeemable for value. In the case of an entity being sold or canceled, or lost in war, these boosters, too, are currently lost. There is also no measure in the country assets or even some line item showing how many "boosters" an entity has in reserve, and which ones those are. Only after taking control of a country, is it possible to go to the "Boosters" page, from the portal, and select each booster option, one-by-one, to see which boosters are, in fact, there and in what amount.

There are many potential methods for how this could be done, and perhaps some others could add ideas or suggestions as well.

The most basic option, would be to trade within your own entities, sending boosters to where they are needed most. This could be very similar to the transfer of SC$ cash page within the current "Direct Trading".

After that, for transactions with others, perhaps one way would be to allow boosters to be valued at some small Gold Coin amount, then trading of boosters between leaders would need a Gold Coin purchase, similar to the current "Direct Trading" page. However, it could also be done on an auction-style page, similar to population sales (and formerly Gold Coin sales), where the seller could set a minimum amount, then allow others to bid a price to buy, with the highest bidder winning the sale. In either case, this would create something like: "Buy, Sell, or Trade your Boosters". Of note, the old "Gold Coin Cash Market" is still accessible and is not being used currently, so perhaps that could save some programmer time.

Adding a "Booster Market", of some kind, would help to allow valuable "boosters" to be more readily used, and moved to where they are needed, whether within an Empire, among allies, or traded to others on an open market.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

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