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How to make buying the quality product u need easier

Topics: Suggestions: How to make buying the quality product u need easier


Saturday, January 21, 2012 - 01:16 am Click here to edit this post
I have been thinking about this a lot due to ongoing shortages and a lot of time wasted mixing different qualities together to get what i want. Also from frustration from not getting supplies even in markets where it says a lot are available.

The change i would like is only for products used to make more products and is simple.

If you order say 1000 of quality 150 then if there is any product of any quality available on the market it is used to provide this. The resultant transaction having the qty of items supplied being adjusted dependant on quality. This way the value of the transaction for both parties is retained.

For example...

Player 1 would receive his 1000 of quality 150
Player 2 would have sold 500 of quality 300
To provide for this need.

By making this change common market would immeadiately work much better.
You could also setup local contracts with your high quality producer to provide your lower quality goods.
No matter what quality your product if the market was in the red it would sell.

I really want to put this to the vote so please give some feedback as this I believe would be a very interesting change.


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