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Systemic Change (White Giant)

Topics: Suggestions: Systemic Change (White Giant)

Leone Mitchell (White Giant)

Friday, April 6, 2012 - 07:10 pm Click here to edit this post
These are a mixtures of suggestions ranging from population to war.

The current system is a little ugly to look at from the cosmetic view, this is not really a system change but a cosmetic change. Currently when we go to buy any war equipment you have to go through a long list and pick what you want. What i suggest is that the buying options are ordered. They will be ordered by Land, Naval, Air, Equipment and Ammunition.
This ordered buying will make it easier to purchase and more organized. Also, when you click on Land, Naval Air etc. You will be given certain type of equipment for example you want to buy a fighter jet, so you click on fighter jet you are given, the F-32,F-16 and the F-22. Each are top class equipment but The F-32 and the F-22 are better than the F-16 so you must pay more. What this does is that when buying military equipment you choose what type of equipment you want it is similar to the quality index but alot simpler and easier. I do have a list of each weapon and equipment for each land, naval and air.

Financial Control: I've been searching for this one but i does not seem to be implemented or it is not for user to control, what i am talking about is taxes, the ability to raise it up or down. This taxation would affect your government income.
Budget Control maybe the system sets this for you but when i was playing a good while back i was able to set my own budget which to me was fun, so i could allocate my funds to what i would buy across the fiscal year.

Now in my news it tells me that my population is not satisfied do i want to know the consequences of this, if there is any, no. So i just fix the problem and we all live peacefully. What i propose is an index for the population to show there satisfactory rate, the factors that will affect this would be taxes, infrastructure, wars, pension , legislation and welfare. Now the index will be percentage base with certain things happening if the satisfaction falls under a certain percentage.
Under 60%-Protest
Under 40%-Violent Protests
Under 20%-Riots
Under 10%-Rebel Warfare
The reason for this suggestion is that it adds to the over all realistic feeling of the game, it allows the president or king or who ever you want him to be to think of what they are doing, before they do it.

Cities-This suggestion is a simple one, just like how we have our capital city, allow us to make our own cities as well, though when creating cities we must allocate hospitals, schools and other infrastructure like that to the city along with Military bases, since each city needs defense against invasion.

Laws- Just like how you must vote on certain UN Resolutions it works like that Once every real world week, the leader of the country must pass a law, this law can range from economic problems to military problems or even social problems. These laws can be created by the users, each law will have an effect on the population satisfaction though.

Warfare: Now to the final suggestion, how wars are conducted and how soldiers are taken from the population.

War Taxes: When raging war i propose a deterrent would certain prices you must pay if you are the aggressor and if you are defending your self you still have a war price.

Invasion Cost-This is a cost that you pay annual, you pay when you invade the country and you must yearly for how long you are at the country.
Supply Cost-The cost to take supples from your country to a next.
Transport Cost-A cost to transport your troops into other countries.


As Sun Tzu said" War is a matter of vital important to the state, it must only be used when all else have failed" He also said that "No state benfits from a prolonged war, it is better to take the city intact than to destroy it"

What i am trying to say is that when war should only be the last resort, so it forces users to be more diplomatic in there leading or if you can just go and go to war.

Defense Systems: What i found more strange of all is that when you buy your Missile Batteries you can't place them where you want to, technically you place missile batteries which are apart of the missile defense systems they can be placed anywhere to help detect and destroy missiles.
So i suggest that you allow us to do this same thing to allow us to place it at any where in the country if we want our borders filled with it or let the capital have them all.

Military Schools: There is a differences with a conscript and a solider as they say, a solider fight because he wants to, a conscript don't have a choice. So with the addition of military schools you can be able to have ordinary population turned into soldiers, so we no longer have to buy soldiers as it is now.
Along with this, the ability to send ground troops or infantry alone will help when raging war, so when we click attack target, you can choose how much infantry men you want to go along with the equipment.
I am still working on a way to have a more tactical warfare system in place but i have not yet gathered all that is needed, i am only at allowing that you must have all the cities taken as a factor.

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