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Topics: Suggestions: Iphone app


Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 07:34 am Click here to edit this post
I play on my phone a lot and figured an app would make it much easier to play. You could revamp it cheap and breath some life into sim country. I believe more people would play and sim country could become a best seller if done properly


Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 05:39 am Click here to edit this post
Throw the DEVIL in the garbage. Your iPhone has contributed to suicides and many more attempted suicides of chinese workers. And yeet they still have the nerve to overcharge you, and manipulate you to make you think you need it. Consumerism at its worse.

It seem contradictory play an economical game with no personal economical enlightment


Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 07:05 am Click here to edit this post
I find it funny you say that.

1) The computer you use to play this game was manufactured in the same way
2) Infact over 50% of the products you use everyday were manufactured in an underdeveloped nation with poor working conditions.
3) Looking at it the same way you are everything is produced by slave labour and is too expensive.

So you infact no better then me just more ignorant. Also the CEO of apple Tim Cook has ordered Apple to start shipping jobs back to the united states

I paid $0 for my iPhone 4s.

Do I neen an Iphone? No I don't but it sure makes my life much easier.

I hope you sleep better at night knowing you didn't buy one product and that apple is missing out on your $800 Guess they will just have to get by on there reserve cash. Which happens to be more money then the US government has in reserve.

You sir are dumb


Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 11:06 pm Click here to edit this post
Not exactly acurate, I am aware of where all pieces of my computer were made, none were in third world countries, in fact third world countries and electronics don't typically work out very well. Your iPhone was manufactured in China few would call it third world, but living conditions are worse then some third world.

Anywho nothing is too expensive, the price of items is dependent on supply and demand not expenses. If costs go up there contribution margin may shrink but the demand won't change, if they increase prices to make up lost profits they lose demand price elastacity remains the same. Its a falacy that electronics are too expensive too make out of the third world, when you consider that apple is has one of the largest profits in the world. Anyways, apple is different they contract to Foxxcon which treats even worse then your most reputable of slave labor such as Nike. Fact check yourself sir, I'm not dumb you choose not to see your immoral actions like much of the rest of the country.

As for Tim Cook, he has done this job creation in America as a cost savings endeavor anyways. Not everything is cheaper being that far away from your target market.


Saturday, June 9, 2012 - 12:47 am Click here to edit this post
Think about the materials needed to make the components for your pc. Rare earth metals, Gold, Silver, Copper,nickel all of these come from poor nations that are resource rich where the population is exploited to reduce cost to obtain these materials. They use slave labour basically. A lot of countries 2nd and 3rd world have serious labour issues and a lot of those come from companies once again reducing cost to have there product made. Thailand, Philipines, Malaysia,

You said I was overcharged... Which means you think its too expensive. However your saying nothing is to expensive because it based on the supply and demand of the market. A lot of electronic products come from underdeveloped countries. I'm an electrician. I see electronic products everyday manufactured in these nations. I have worked overseas and many products we used would come off the production line straight to out job site. And these are rather high tech instruments that measure anything from sound to pressure/ temperature. Manufactured in the very country I worked in (malaysia). I agree there is a lot of negative things around foxconn and i agree that there working conditions are unethical and immoral.

Yes he has. And no. Wages are cheaper in china but are rising as with inflation which is scaring apple away along with the scandals involving foxconn and the negative public view of those events. He is trying to stave off a potential legal confrontation. Along with making apple look better in its target market.

At the end of the day. Not buying a phone will have no impact on what happens in china.

1) Companies like apple need to look closer in to who makes their products and in what fashion.
2) Countries like China need to implement stricter labour laws. However this will hurt their current strategy in the world economy so can't happen yet. Even a minor slow down in the chinese economy could create a social/ political showdown.
3)People have to stand up for themselves. I understand its not easy in a place like China. But it wasn't much easier for the people who fought for those rights in what is now the 1st world. They wanted a change and they fought for it. If the chinese workforce is that fed up they have to stand up. Together they create a force larger then the U.S. population.

I apologize for calling you stupid you seem intelligent. However your head is in the clouds. You wanna stand up for the people in poor working conditions. Which I agree with. However not buying a phone isn't gonna do anything. These people for the most part chose to go to foxconn. Foxconn didn't force them to work there. The Laws, economy and demographics led them to work there. Attack the issue at the cause not the effect.

When you have a cold you take pills to relieve symptoms. Isn't it easier to wash your hands more often and eat a healthy diet?


Saturday, June 9, 2012 - 04:43 pm Click here to edit this post
Alright I definately enjoyed that post, and I also will resend any negative personal attacks. Not sure how severe they were but I'm sorry.

I just hate apple, well I hate any company that uses the excuse of cheap labor or poor working conditions to bring prices down. It's a fake excuse a justification to do evil. And I hate that everyone thinks apple is great without any concept of what is happening. I'm not against people buying the phone they want, I own a phone. But there is a big difference on how Carlos Slim does business in Mexico and Argentina then how apple does it China. For one the phone manufacturing plants in Mexico are heavily isolated because third world countries have a hard time for the most part with electronics, securing supply lines, factory breakins and securing export routes.

So why i feel it neccessary to moan and gripe is that sure intervention should happen in the base country it won't matter. As long as the consumerist nations support the exploitation of cheaper labor, their economies will dwindle through the twisted wealth distribution that follows, and unfornuate workers will be forced to give into slave labor because of desperation. If labor costs 20cents other costs are 30 bucks and the product sells for 300 dollars there is no excuse, prices won't rise profits will fall. And just this needs to be movement. not really by the individual but by the governments that house this blatent disregard for the self servicing destructive actions of many of our industries. Anywho I really appreciate the apology, and it isn't right to blame the consumer its just the way things are, I'm just going to avoid being a part of it.

Oh yeah, i'm still against an iPhone app =) but keep trying you can drop it the polls not sure how effective that is. I don't think they are changing anything except tweaks and the wargame right now.


Sunday, June 10, 2012 - 06:57 am Click here to edit this post
@drew: some of those 3rd world nations seem to have no problem with supply routes and sales routes when it comes to cocaine and heroin.
@rdd11: I'm mostly with you on 3rd world labor policies, and one could make the case that by NOT buying 3rd world, we're witholding from them what little they would get. If you follow the analogy to the extreme :)
also, PM me on how I, too, can get one of those phones for 0 $. I am interested.

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