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Share Trading: display total price paid + problem with share buying by Countries

Topics: Suggestions: Share Trading: display total price paid + problem with share buying by Countries


Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 07:57 pm Click here to edit this post
When viewing the share portfolio, the column for "price paid" shows the per unit price. This number changes due to share splits and reverse share splits, but such changes don't affect what you initially paid or the total value of what you own.

I would really like a column for "total price paid" showing the total amount you've spent on shares. Just as you can see the current value per unit + total value of shares you own, this column would let you compare the price paid per unit + total price paid.

The point is to give you an immediate sense of the total profit or loss you'd have by selling your stake (rather than doing the math of price paid per unit X total shares owned).

Additionally, I've had a problem in one country where the country (not the investment fund) owns 10% of a public corporation that resides in that country. When I try to purchase more shares, I get an error message that says: "Your country can only buy shares of corporations you control."

However, this error message conflicts with the game documentation, which doesn't require a country to have a controlling stake to purchase shares of public corporations within that country. The only relevant limitation is that the corporation must "reside in the country."

Here is what it says under Game Documentation / The Share Market / Share buying by Countries:

"Countries are very limited in the purchasing of shares. Countries can purchase shares only in corporations that reside in the country. Any buy order may not exceed 5% of the outstanding shares of the corporation and new buy orders will be accepted is the total of outstanding orders does not exceed 5%. Repurchasing of shares by countries is always triggered by the user. There is no automatic share purchasing by countries."

Am I missing something, or has the game documentation simply not been updated?

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