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True 'Hall of Fame'

Topics: Suggestions: True 'Hall of Fame'

Borg Queen

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 07:45 pm Click here to edit this post
How about a Change on the Hall of Fame? As it is now it's more like the Hall of who got the last #1 Awards, but tbh, that doesnt say anything as it is now, especially when I look at the Hall of Fame on KB were there is a CEO with only 58 Corps, which for me only says something like 'this one got the #1 Award because every other possible CEO allready had too many Penalties on their scores' (Rick, this is only to Show my Point, not undermining your Archivement)

I'd say make it a more permanent entity. Instead of listing only #1 Players I'd suggest to make a ranking that Shows permanent Success instead of maybe listing One-Hit-Wonders.
To do this there should be a Ranking in the Hall of Fame for which you earn Points for certain ranks at the end of the month.
For Example:
1. gets +100 Score on Hall of Fame
2. gets +50
3. gets +30
4. gets +20
5. gets +19
So you can have a Hall of Fame that has a constant listing and you can see which Players do an ongoing good Job. (this may also help new Players to find someone experienced to ask for help if needed)

Any thoughts about this?

Teh Kilrain

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 10:19 pm Click here to edit this post
The scoring is weird. So when I get my #1 award my score gets cut in half, more or less, and the HoF shows my new crappy score instead of my awesome #1 award winning score. So I only look half as good on paper as I did a few days ago.

Maybe they could just leave your true score, but pass the #1 award to the next eligible person, and the HoF just gets filled with the top scorers.

And we should have a CEO council. So we can vote money to help new CEO's, promote new CEO growth and maybe we'll end up with more than 75. Well, less than 75, since some have two and three enterprises. And one of them is Robocop. More like 65. Maybe 55.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 05:25 am Click here to edit this post
The "Hall of Fame" on any given world is confusing at best.

The header on the page reads.....

"These are the enterprises for which the owner reached a #1 position in one the Simcountry worlds. Players are removed from the Hall Of Fame after 5 months and are eligible for awards again."

"These are the enterprises for which the owner reached a #1 position"... is false.
"one of the Simcountry worlds"... is the key phrase.

My KB enterprise, "Albatross" never reached #1 on KB, nor did I collect a #1 award.

However several times I did reach #1 on GR with the enterprise "Frog LTD"

That is the only reason I am listed. It's a game wide listing.'s confusing.

I would like to see them publish three lists.

1. A hall of fame list pertaining only to the world you are playing on.
2. A hall of fame list that is game wide.
3. A "raw score" list that pertains only to the world you are playing on. It would show your score without penalty deductions for previous winnings. Awards would not be handed out per this list, but at least you could figure out how you stack up to other players at any given time.

Oh,and countries.....same thing applies.


Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 01:11 am Click here to edit this post
To further Rick's point, it also includes countries and enterprises. I got #1 in KB as a CEO two months ago and now also I'm listed in the Presidents' Hall of Fame, even though I've never made it higher than #2. It's really confusing. Plus, I'm on LU's Hall of Fame where I only have a single country that never made it past the top15...

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