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Direct Trade, Space Trade, and Shuttle prices

Topics: Suggestions: Direct Trade, Space Trade, and Shuttle prices


Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 06:54 pm Click here to edit this post
My email to the GM
Currently, on the direct trading, many of the products, have a minimum price that is several times larger than the converted cost. No one is going to pay GC for something they could get cheaper with Game Cash.

Because of quality, and market adjustments, the "window," price should be wide enough to offer minimum quality, at a discount, while still allowing enough upper-price play to offer High Quality stuff.

Unable to check all the prices on space stations, but they should follow the theme. no one is gonna spend hard to earn GC on a product they can get cheaper, by converting the GC to cash, and buying the product traditionally. The value, would be to buy products, and sell them at a discount, giving those that invest such a way, a deal.

Sadly, their is very little point to pay more, with a harder to get resource, for easy to get resources.

Additionally, with the lower shuttle prices, i hope, (and so far it seems true,) that it will make space a more affordable investment. I humbly request a drop in shuttle building costs. I believe that a lower cost, will translate into more shuttles flying around space.

Along with that, 200GC for a docking station, is rather strick. the leasing price is ok, but even with cheap shuttles, your talking 5.5GC just to be able to buy something. Would you consider a cheaper, more temporary option? Along with revisiting the "space taxi," idea?
Feel free to agree or disagree.


Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 09:09 pm Click here to edit this post
I agree with Josias on a couple things.

#1... The GM needs to close all space stations and refund everyone for the docks the currently have and make 1 space station with 250 docks. Once filled up then they can create a second station and so on. We have docks that sell services and food. No one will go to space for those items.

#2...Also space should come with other incentives besides just trading assets but we can work it out later.

#3... Space goods cost a good amount and dont make a real profit unless you trade them in space an no one really does. Ive tried and ive made very little money, most of it came from bombers/nukes but now that's changed.

A space maintenance unit corp sells its goods for 60M per and only makes 120 per year = 7.2B a year without Quality or production increases. Where a corporation mining ---WOOD--- makes 9.3B.
Space should be one of the most profitable ventures. There's no reason it should make anything less then 15-20B without effects.


Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 11:59 pm Click here to edit this post
I did add direct trading for a reason.
Offer Construction

Market Price for units: 0.95 GC
Minimum you have to ask for units: 0.63 GC
Maximum you can ask for units: 1.27 GC

Number of units offered: 20,000,000
Quality offered: 328

At 40B per coin, the min price 0.63 GC for 20M Construction, works out to paying 25.2B. Currently the MP of construction on LU, is 331, which is near the max price. That same 20M Constuction, would cost 21.7B, with quality. Even adjusted for quality, the lowest price that can be asked, is higher than what a player could pay for it, traditionally. Further, with the max manual sales price equaling 200Q. Their is Zero Chance, the buyer could sell out for equal value.

Who's gonna buy something like that? The feature is broken. The mechanics work fine, but their is some tuning that is just isn't being done.

As far as my opinion goes, space parts, SMUs, and shuttles, should take profit hit. in exchange to gaining access to space, or selling for GC. And in the past the GM have defended the high cost of Space Corps, claiming that selling them for GC would compensate. How ever, that part of the game has not been properly maintained, and tuned, by the GM.

My thought on reducing the cost of shuttles. If your average buyer has some serious space freight, then they'd be best off making their own. If they aren't so seriously into it, then if the "buy in," is cheap, they'd be more likely to dump a dozen GC into space, rather than just blow the feature off.


Monday, December 2, 2013 - 12:09 am Click here to edit this post
Now is i could sell that same 20M construction, at half the GC price. some one buying it would get a deal, and i'd get GC, a deal for me.

Further, i should be able to offer a similar deal on direct trading for low q products.

This is not true with every product. How ever, it gets old to watch the GM leave their projects half done. Especially when they are more and more making us use GC, (and real dollars,) to use incomplete features, that may not be revisited, for years.

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