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Topics: Suggestions: HAPPINESS LEVELS

James the Fair

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 07:29 pm Click here to edit this post
Once again I thought of yet another idea to replace the war levels and hopefully a more realistic one, but this time I thought of a happiness level for your population which should, depend on what actions you take as a leader. Especially when declaring war on another player, be measured by a bar/meter from 0 to 100 like this.

0 ATROCIOUS ---------------- 100 EXCELLENT


Depending on the happiness level you have with your population, whether your level is above 50 or below 50 you will see either of these effects explained below. So depending on the happiness level of your population is at, the more frequency you will see of these effects.

* Going towards an excellent happiness level, you will have no trouble of any kind as long their happiness level is kept above 50.

* Going towards an atrocious happiness level, you will see a lot of unrest, sabotage, the destruction of your infrastructure and corporations across your country. So avoid going below 50 to prevent this from happening.

(Extra feature) If the happiness of the population in a country is so bad (from 0-10%), I think terrorists could be spawned/created as a threat to that players country of where they would also be affecting their other stable countries in their empires as well, in the form of sabotage such as the destruction of military bases or even destroying a good percentage of weapons in an army unit for example.
Also depending of long they exist, determined by your population happiness level in that country. They would draw a certain number of recruits every month to their cause depending on your population size in that country as well. However, if you improve your population happiness above a certain level, their numbers will decrease every month and eventually disappear. This could be added as an extra feature of which these figures would be viewed on the population pages like how the way birth and death rates are viewed for example.

2)What effects your population happiness level every game month?

I believe the welfare level and an offensive military in a country should have a major effect on your population happiness level for obvious reasons.

* Depending on your welfare level will determine your population happiness level.

* Depending on the size of an offensive military should determine the population happiness level as well, especially since the soldiers are drafted/conscripted when you create a unit, as the population will certainly not like the build up of such forces of the thought of going to war with them. I thought this idea could work if we are to replace these war levels.

3)Population happiness effects when declaring war on other players

This is the main function of this whole idea as players would think twice about declaring war on another player since the majority of their population will be upset of knowing they are the aggressor country or empire. This, I would have thought, would lead them to protest and cause damages such as from unrest, sabotage etc. across their country or empire.

* Declaring war on a player would see their current population happiness level in their country or each country across their empire drop by 60% for example.

* The population happiness will not rise again until the war/wars are over.

* The longer the war drags on, the more the population happiness will drop by 1 point every month.

This I thought could replace the war levels altogether since the players would concentrate on the happiness of their populations instead and keeping them happy just so they dont cause any serious damage to their countries in the long run, and not to get into pointless and meaningless wars without any reprisals from their populations.

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