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Space Prices

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Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 12:12 am Click here to edit this post

when Mobile prices where 30+ i'd be a safe bet that their was zero action

when mobile prices where 15, the flow started at about 300+ GC a month, and has gradually improved.

with mobile prices at 5-7.5, my total sales in 2ish days, has been been higher than nearly any of the last three months.

the flow of space in general, can be viewed through this example of mobiles. its a cool feature, that players would be willing to spend money on, if they could get a better value

please lower docking cost, and add/or the space taxi feature


Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 04:30 am Click here to edit this post


Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 03:06 pm Click here to edit this post

(Orbiter, did i help your cashflow a bit ;))


Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 03:08 pm Click here to edit this post
Also, since the HUGE decrease in shuttle price, transport costs are almost trivial. I would happily include frontdoor delivery on all my sales in spacetrade.


Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 09:18 pm Click here to edit this post
yes, thank you, you and a couple others have made it obvious their is a real market, as long as your not spending money for practically nothing

and the low shuttle cost was something i did, to make it cheaper for players to get into space, it goes along with the theme of this thread, when shuttles where priced at about what they cost make, 2+ GC, i would rarely ever sell any. if i waited long enough, yeah. but rarely. then i built a bunch of shuttle corps, and flooded the market, lowering the price, to 0.35 each, and some players really got into buying, a couple others have been under cutting me, but even then, then, theirs enough demand for every one to make a few GC.

ATM, i'm reaching 300 shuttles. some are a bit used, but i'm able to put up allot of shuttles at 0.35 to keep the price cheap, now, with mobiles, i've got a good stock pile, but its going fast. if we can get the GM to lower the docking costs, make it easier to to make 1-3 GC profit per mobile, would make it much more practical for buyers and sellers.

when i say profit, i'm ignoring the cash end of costs, and looking only at GC. if your interested in making GC, with the cash converstion gone, your gonna have to give something up to get something. i'm happy taking a cash hit to make GC.

have you looked at the requirements for peaceful game levels over GL8? 2 CEOs? with the current rules, i'm doing the best i can to make it, with out swiping my card, you know?

i hope i'm making since, that i'm basically saying, those at WL2 have allot of money to toss around, but high GC costs to get to high levels, i don't see why players such as myself can't sell products in space, at half or 3/4 price, getting GC for a cash hit. for example, if you bought 100B worth of FMUs, about a 3GC value, but you sold them for 2 GC. the buyer would gain a better value than converting his GC to cash. and you would convert enough cash for your 2 CEOs, for a day?

but this would be much more practical with cheaper space docks, and the space taxi feature


Friday, June 13, 2014 - 03:21 pm Click here to edit this post
I agree that lower pricing will help.
as you know, we have reduced the pricing of products tremedously over the past year and it is now a fraction of what it used to be.
the same goes for shuttles. their production price is now much lower than before.

this should continue.

I also think that most players do not understand the opportunity of winning many gold coins by producing in their countries and selling on the space market.

we hope that shortly, there will be more competition.

Pricing on the space market should decline a lot because it offers the opportunity to sell the products you produce in your country for gold coins.
It allows you to exchange game money for gold coins.


Friday, June 13, 2014 - 05:08 pm Click here to edit this post
Do other space product prices act like shuttle prices?


Friday, June 13, 2014 - 10:21 pm Click here to edit this post
cl108, shuttle prices where reduced, by players, not the GM, they have reduce production cost, but the prices themselves are set by players. this isn't something that they can really do, by themselves.

if players can establish a normal atmosphere, of products in space going for cheaper GC than the equal amount of money, then space will start to work,

as it is, no one will spend GC, (real money,) for something they can buy with an equal amount of game cash, (free money,) so yes, other prices will come down, or space will remain a dead zone

and Andy, i'm stunned, thanks


Friday, June 13, 2014 - 10:35 pm Click here to edit this post
i used the above example of FMUs, if you bought FMUs from the space station, why would you pay 3 GC for the cash value of 3 GC of FMUs? it doesn't make sence!?! And as long as players refuse to sell at a discount, no one will buy

what makes it work, is that the seller can pay Game Cash to build, or buy a product, and sell it at a discount, for Gold Coins. that way, both the seller and buyer gain value.

As far as normal products go, FMUs, are probably the best, every one needs them, you can manually sell them to your corps, get your cash, while stocking your corps. But their are also some other real possiblities. Country welfare effects corp production, and is effected buy consumption quality. By buying HQ consumption productions, Food supplies, cars, and such, with a GC discount, one could cheaply increase their consumption index, resulting in a mild production increase.

their really is allot of opportunity. we just need to establish this as normal. until now, no one would sell at a loss, figuring in the GC/Cash conversion, to set prices. but that has barred space growing as an actual market feature, that any one would use.


Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 12:48 am Click here to edit this post
Thank you orbiter I agree. I'm testing construction on direct trade to see if I can bring the price down, like with shuttles, enough to make the trade worth more than the gc/sc exchange rate. depending on q, it'll be around .25-.3 GC per 20,000,000 units. If I can get GC, I'll gladly take cash losses, but docks do need to come down in price. It keeps me away from space stations.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 05:40 am Click here to edit this post
i bought one of your con units, to help lower thr price, i haven't figured what the price should be, but if you post on the trade forum, i review what you say, and help you get the price set up right

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