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Player & Space Trade Reform

Topics: Suggestions: Player & Space Trade Reform


Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 02:59 pm Click here to edit this post
I would like to propose several reforms to promote the active trading between players through space and otherwise. By "active", I mean that trade which requires action on the part of the player (as opposed to world market trading which is done by the system).

(1) Virtual Assets
Obviously, I'm unaware of the details regarding why virtual assets were closed, but my opinion is that it was a huge loss for the game. I would like to propose that the ability to send and receive game cash between players be reinstated. As gold coins are not being exchanged, I don't see any reason this shouldn't be acceptable.
Players should be able to give allies funds to promote their growth.
Players should be able to work out agreements where they pay for in-game services.
Players should be able to attempt to scam other players out of their SC$ for profit.

Overall, I believe this type of change would increase the options for presidents, such as helping federation members or non-federation allies develop their country or purchase military equipment. This gives the option of player loans or hiring people for mercenary service. This also gives the option of using the threat of war to extort money out of potential enemies or could be used to help a peace deal along.
As such a system relies on one-sided exchanges, there is always the possibility that the side receiving the money doesn't hold up their end of the deal... this is perfectly acceptable. The requirement that players build trust with other players before engaging in such transactions can only be good for the game. Sure, some people will be scammed because they trusted the wrong people, but such is life. Generating conflict isn't bad for the game either.

(2) Space and Direct Trade Transactions
The sale of products available on the game worlds through space should be done in SC$. I have no idea why it is done through GC, but I don't think it is helping anything. If transactions were done in SC$, it would improve accessibility and increase the volume of trade through these methods by a lot. Cargo shuttles and all other products produced on the game worlds should be exchanged solely through SC$. I don't see a point in having this feature with the barrier of requiring trade in GC.
Players should be able to set the pricing for these goods freely... or at least down to the minimum market price and up to the maximum market price on the worlds.
If the volume of exchange through space increased, the need for station space would similarly increase, which could make the GC investment in station space worthwhile. Or alternatively, it would increase the benefit of country and CEO outposts (which have their own GC registration) on other worlds.
Stuff that isn't produced on the game worlds like Professional Soldiers can remain exchanged through GC. My only argument is that stuff originally purchased and produced via SC$ transactions should be exchanged via SC$.


Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 11:03 pm Click here to edit this post
with space a direct trade, i disagree, i've been talking about this for a while

what would be the point of going to space to buy something with game cash, that you don't have to? it'd help with some things, like nukes, mobiles, stealth, and maybe space parts, (ironically, i sell 3 of those 4 on space) but nearly every thing else would be pointless

the solution to space trade, not interplanetary trade, but trade on the space stations, is to offer products for a discount, in the GC to game cash conversion. that is, if one GC equals about 36B. but for a GC in space, you can buy 48B-72B worth of stuff, then you'd gain value buy spending GC in space, and direct trade.

with out being able to buy GC with game cash, many players would be willing to sell at these rates, if their was enough turn over to justify the effort.

i stay out of the nuke market, but my biggest seller is mobiles. that for one, is a GC based item, if it was sold for game cash, i'd have to with draw from that market. but i've been making hundreds of GC, thousands of the last few months. just buy discounting the cash end of mobiles, and making a couple GC over the base GC cost. i fully believe that with the game gaining new players, if we can establish the expectation to buy cheap products in space, that space will gain popularity, and actually work

the main thing that needs to change, is the cost of docks on space stations, 200GC for a dock, is outrageous

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