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Rage Fury

Monday, June 30, 2014 - 06:58 pm Click here to edit this post
There is no real incentive to play the space game early on and not very much later on. I have had one shuttle for several months and did zip with it after the 1st day I got it. The GUI turned me off. Until recently this has been true. Branched out to multiple worlds, did that to be able to utilize the Markets on each world and had a need to move products. However that utilization is dependent on supply and demand as well as motivation. The GUI makes certain tasks tedious and certainly is not as intuitive as it could be.
The real issue is unless you are interplanetary, there is no need for space, because you can't do anything with excess product on the planets without an Ent or a country there. Even so, after a week the need is far less than it should be as a result of Direct trading.

When we add Enterprises on different Planets, after one week, we can transfer several products by direct trade cheaper and faster. This makes the Space Game unneeded to move those products. Why waste Shuttle missions, time and money when I can move products for free at next to no effort? That is just good business. I would say the Space Game requires, at the very least, interplanetary Direct Trades to be eliminated for products shuttles should be carrying. You want the Space Game to be utilized, but you have available a limited means to avoid it? I say eliminate any ability to avoid it at all. If people want to move products between planets, that is what the Space game is for.

When I click load or unload I don't want to click more buttons to confirm. I would much prefer to have my product in a text box I can change the number in and then click one button one time. There is no reason for nag windows since this process is instant and can be undone just as easily.

Destinations should list all my Space Centers first, with the most likely ones given the top slots. If I have cargo loaded, that would not be any Space Center on the current Planet. Then list the Space Stations related to my cargo.

Make my list of Shuttles and Shuttle detail windows resizable or taller. We should not have to scroll much, if we have the screen realty to eliminate the need.

I would also recommend that everyone's first Space Station built, should come equipped with one limited mission shuttle. That is to say 1 free for CEOs and Presidents with like a 10-20 or so mission life. Let people play with one for a little bit to get used to it.

Also when your Space Center is built you should receive a message telling you it is ready, with a link to the 'move products'/'Space Center Cargo' page. You should encourage users to interact with their new facility. After all, this is supposed to be a significant portion of the Game, given all the crap involved that costs GC...

On the 'Space Center Cargo' page it should be made clear that if you have no product in inventory then products won't show up when you click a category. Each Category, when clicked, should at least show 'No Product owned' or the like. Though to be truthful I was expecting to see a list of products with '0', not nothing at all. There is not even a hint that I clicked a category. This is not user friendly. Until I played with it a bit and figured out I needed product in stock to see it, I was under the impression the Space Center couldn't handle much of anything and hesitated buying product. Not at all intuitive. Point blank, Products should be listed even if they are at zero. This lets the user know the Space Center is fully functional awaiting for products to be bought and transferred for their shuttles.

Anywho, that's my 2 cents for now...

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