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Battlegrounds - Aries

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Friday, October 17, 2014 - 10:42 pm Click here to edit this post

The purpose of Battlegrounds is to provide a fun scenario that enables PvP without risk of loss of a player country.


A powerful country or group of countries declares war on a country to gain control of valuable resources. The threatened country secretly reaches out to its allies for assistance in countering this aggression. The attacker has the choice to bring massive forces to bear by air, land, and sea. Countries sending aid must be more clandestine in their assistance to avoid a political cost at home and to maintain some level of deniability in world diplomacy.

As the Attackers:

Your goal is to crush your overmatched foe and reap the spoils of conquest. You should have the advantage, in particular, at air and sea. Superior firepower can guide the path to victory.

As the Defenders:

Your goal is to help your ally weather the attack and benefit from a grateful government should you succeed. Working more subtlety, you send weapons and "volunteers" to make the attackers' job more difficult. A more lofty accomplishment is possible by bringing the conflict home to the attackers.

Requirements for Battlegrounds

1. Must enable Battleground setting. Each player will be able to flag one country on their account as eligible to participate in a battleground.

2. Must be War Level 3+

3. Must have temporary war protection turned off on the selected country. Having this on is another way to opt out of Battlegrounds temporarily.

Battlegrounds General Rules

1. Every player with the Battleground setting turned on, and meets all other requirements throughout the week, can be expected to be selected to participate in two battles per week. Once as an attacker and once as a defender.

2. The scenario starts with 2-5 players selected as attackers and 2-5 players selected as defenders. Countries designated with the Battleground flag will initiate a war declaration on a C3 where the war will take place. The war start will occur 24 hours later.

3. The Battleground will be searchable, similar to other wars, on the war page. All attackers will be identifiable here. The defenders are kept secret.

4. The defenders are granted military access to the C3 and can deploy units there.

5. A defender can loan units to the C3 with a few notes and exceptions. Only land units and landing forces may be lent. Lent units act as C3 units in that they can be attacked by attacker units and are defended by air units of the C3 with the exception that the player country retains control of the unit. Note that the units must be transported by player country units before being lent (Air transport units may not be lent and may only transport units that have not been lent). Note that the defending player country is not at war with the attacker countries (unless a separate declaration was made) and units not lent may not block or attack attacker player units. All defender country player units that are lent are operated separately by the lending player.

6. As player participation warrants, ideally, there will be one scenario on each world occurring each day. More active worlds are likely to see more players involved in each conflict. This allows a spectator quality to players who are not active in the conflict.

7. The conflict ends when the C3 has been defeated or 24 hours has passed from when the war went active.

Battlegrounds Pairing Rules and Rewards

1. Fairly balanced player war level pairing is attempted between the attacker and defending side with each side having a similar war level total. Some attempt is made on making the C3 fairly central to all player locations.

2. The war level of the C3 is determined by taking the highest war level of the attacking players and adding the number of additional players. For example, if the highest attacker war level was 8 and there were 3 attacking players the C3 would be war level 10 (War Level 8 +2 additional players)

3. The attackers win if they defeat the C3. The defenders win if they prevent an attacker victory. The victorious side will earn $1 Trillion each per war level of the C3 (War Level 10 C3 would mean $10 Trillion each). The C3 will be released back to computer control.

4. A player who successfully wins both conflicts during the week, as an attacker and defender, earns an additional battle at the end of the week (assuming the player continues to meet Battleground requirements). The player will be paired and be opposed by other players who have also won both of their conflicts.

Battlegrounds Special Rule

Surprising Defeat!

It is possible for defending countries to mount an attack on the attacker countries themselves using the lent units. It will be difficult, as they will only consist of land and landing forces and will only benefit from the air defense of the C3 (if in range) and will have no federation air support. If these units are successful in defeating the player country (by reducing war situation index to 0), no change in country ownership takes place but the defeated country is removed from the conflict and no longer eligible to collect victory rewards. In addition, reparations are paid to the defender player countries. A loan is established with the defender countries as the creditor for the amount of the war level of the C3, in trillions, divided by the number of defender player countries. For example, if the C3 is war level 10 and there are 4 defender player countries, each would be owed $2.5 Trillion from the defeated country.

This concludes my suggestion. Been brainstorming this all week and tried to recall everything I hashed out but could have missed something. Guys, Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Joseph The Conqueror

Sunday, October 19, 2014 - 02:09 am Click here to edit this post
I really like this idea. It'd be a great way to train up and coming players too. Maybe there could be a way to pit two federations against one another too?


Sunday, October 19, 2014 - 04:09 am Click here to edit this post
Some other technical details.

-For defenders, to control lent units, on the war page the scenario will be listed. When selecting "fight this war", only lent units will be available.

-Lent units are returned to the country's original owner when the conflict ends. Units, once lent, are not returnable until then.

Some thoughts

-Other scenarios could be possible.

-Defending players intentionally lack a full range of offensive options but they are also the players who have the most control of escalating the conflict. They choose their commitment to the conflict by choosing which units to lend while the attacking players could find their cities and towns under sudden attack (though they are not at risk of losing their country).

-Most battles are likely to be fought over painting. With the defending players having limited ability to prevent the fall of C3 air defense, committing mobile units to defend cities and other targets is risky. Instead, many lent units will likely be used as blockers, with large numbers of defensive weapons. Weapons that currently have little use in traditional player battles could find important roles in such units.

Casual Industries

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 06:11 am Click here to edit this post


Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 03:01 am Click here to edit this post
Any thought to moving the Battleground to the poles? That would help having the location central to participants.

If the targets are set up there, they could be removed from the regular processing... That way they can be constantly reset up on a daily basis, wouldn't affect the normal 15-18 month readjustment needed to bring a country back to war ready status, and not affect regular c3 raiding, or world product supply and pricing.

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