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Air and ground border system.

Topics: Suggestions: Air and ground border system.


Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 01:46 am Click here to edit this post
i propose a anti air and ground border system that can be purchase on the world market for 50 billion dollars . this system protects air and ground borders from unwelcome planes and ground forces and attacks them before and after they enter your air and border space . its a laser defense and offensive battery which uses nuclear power has its ammonation source. the weapon effects are deadly against air and ground amd even missles how deadly .
1. ground forces hit rate 90% per electro pulse
2. airforce forces hit rate 80% per electro pulse
3 missiles hit rate 98% per electro pulse
the offensive part of the battery can take out military bases and citys and captiols and all other targets even the other players laser air and ground systems. but nuclear power is the only burden on the weapon system . the entire country nuclear power in stock will be used has source of ammo. the damage of the attack will be 10% per electro pulse. its fuel is also nuclear powered .the range of this weapon is 30000 miles. its a country sized battery. the only weakness is if a nuclear missile was to destory part of the battery it will be offline for 20 seconds which means it can be attack during those times by convential weapons .there for to guard it from nuclear strikes use nulclear defense batterys and missles.

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